SB Tickets Available, Prices Falling, And How Some Owners Are Profiting

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rlcarr, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. rlcarr

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    OT: Here's one reason season ticket holders don't get SB tix

    The secret Super Bowl ticket market | National Football Post

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  2. groundgame

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  3. reflexblue

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  4. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: OT: Here's one reason season ticket holders don't get SB tix

    As a fan I find this disgusting
  5. Mr.Kraft

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    Feb 5, 2012
    6:30 Lucas Oil Stadium (Football) Section: 607 Row: 21 ( obstructed view?)
    Price: 2 x $1845.00

    Subtotal: $3690.00
    Shipping: -
    Service Charge: $848.70 <<<<:eek:
    Total: -
  6. Tunescribe

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    Things are unfolding with ticket prices as they always do, every Super Bowl. Which once again proves what liars the people at Ace Ticket here in Boston are. They were on 98.5 and local sports TV proclaiming that prices were bottoming out last Thursday/Friday and would then go up from there. They were just out to scare people into buying from them before prices started to decline. Greedy bastards.
  7. BoTown

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    LMAO... there's your catch. It's kind of like finding a good price on eBay and discovering the seller is charging S&H at something like 80% of the initial price, negating the value.
  8. DaBruinz

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    Pretty sure that whatever agency is charging that as a service charge is breaking the law...
  9. mgcolby

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    Re: OT: Here's one reason season ticket holders don't get SB tix

    I say this is one thing for a coach or player to sell their allotments....but a F'n owner? C'mon! And why does Jerry Jones and Mike Brown come to mind?
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  10. SeymourTrophies

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    Dan Snyder charged fans something like $15 to attend training camp earlier on in his ownership of the skins.
  11. Ron Sellers

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    After watching this exchange, I wondered how many other owners were secretly selling their tickets at a premium in the secondary market.​

    So why was it such a big deal that Mike Tice sold tickets a few years ago? Was it the act of selling tickets, or just that he was not discreet in doing so that bothered the NFL league offices?

    Three tips on scoring Super Bowl tickets: 1) Wait until Thursday when the coaches and players' allotment flood the secondary market. If you deal directly with a player or team exec, you cut out the middleman and get a better price. 2) The best prices are usually found on game day in upscale hotel lobbies around the Super Bowl city. However, occasionally, prices can go the other way. 3) Get to know an NFL player or exec. I know one guy who trades limo services with players each year in exchange for two tickets.​

    The article pretty much reinforces what Tunescribe described from his experience.

    PT never told me who the other owner was but I got a sense he was located on the east coast because he had to fly somewhere to do his deal. For the record, the owner I witnessed in the restaurant is no longer an owner​

    Any speculation on who these two might be? I am guessing the owner he saw is not Al Davis and is someone else because he mentions Davis by name elsewhere in the article.
  12. brdmaverick

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    yes, I never quite understood how these sites could blatantly get away with scalping.
  13. rlcarr

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    Scalping is only illegal in some states.
  14. reflexblue

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    I forgot to add the :rolleyes: at the end.
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