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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by OldEnglandPatriot, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. OldEnglandPatriot

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    So is anyone betting this Superbowl?

    I think it's going to be a reeeeally tight game, so I have to take the Seahawks getting 3.5. However, that's with the ability to lay them back if I need or want to on an exchange site. Not sure I would want to pick the game otherwise.

    Anyone spotted any standout special bets, on player yardages etc?
  2. PatsWorldChamps

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    i bet on the hawks +4
    i think the line is now 4.5 though

    i also bet +220 that there would be a 2nd half lead change
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  3. Patriot Games

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    I would bet against there being a 2nd half lead change.

    I can see either Pittsburgh being able to get a lead and hold it for the whole game or Pittsburgh not being able to have success on offense and Seattle having the lead the whole time.

    I think Pittsburgh covers easily. 10 points.
  4. SNL

    SNL Practice Squad Player

    The steelers run out of gas and hope.

    The hamberler flakes out....

    Hawks win big and have the first ever shut out

  5. BruschiOnTap

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    Hey OEP, props to us poor sods who have to watch the game well into the morning hours :)

    I see Pitt pretty much handling this Seahawks team the way they did their last two opponents. They clearly have 'team of destiny' status going in, as Bill Simmons pointed out (I usually go against his picks but our boys were the Team of Destiny last year and Pitt displays the same qualities. Polamalu=Bruschi, they're both 'nice guys' off the field, clearly enjoy playing the game and care about winning, both are SMART and rely on an extra reserve of passion/skillz when the game is important. This will sound hyperbolic, but they they take the fates of 10 other guys on the field into their hands and make $h!t happen in the same way you'd give the ball to Jordan at the end of a close game. Only difference is Bruschi hit his prime later in his career. Trust me on this)

    That said, I took the STeelers giving 4 (my bookie kinda sucks... I'd like that half point, but whatever) and for kicks I took Hasselbeck taking more sacks after checking season stats. Hamburgler took 5 more sacks than Hassle-back and this was against a much tougher schedule.

    btw, for all of you pulling for the She-hawks, think of it like this: I'd rather an AFC team win in order to prove that our own guys lost out in the toughest conference, up against the best competition possible. The only exemption to this would be the Colts because I hate the idea of Peyton ever even PLAYING in the Bowl, let alone winning one.

    Bonus fun idea: what do you think Manning would say in a victory interview? Would he say something like, 'In spite of protection problems I managed pretty well' or would he prop his team up? I'm gonna go with option A.
  6. BelichickFan

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    #12 Jersey

    I liked Seattle plus the points when the matchup was first determined but the more time goes on I'm thinking Seatte are pretenders. 4-4.5 points is a lot, though. I think I would leave this one alone.
  7. BruschiOnTap

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    yeah, I would have preferred the -3.5 but I'll take my chances... I have a feeling that teh Seahawks will be the latest 'deer in the headlights' team. Their long snaps will be off, defenders will miss assignments, holding and overzealousness. I think Pittsburgh has more chance of coming in clear-headed (they killed the Colts, after all [referees be damned!])

    Granted, Cowher's 'big game' record is a bit suspect but I get the impression that he just keeps whittling away until he figures it all out. I think this year's team has enough intangibles that even if he hasn't figured it all out, they're gonna make sure they don't go home empty-handed.

    So yeah, I just talked myself into giving 4 over 3.5

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