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    Few things to keep in mind here before we go off the deep end:

    The reason why this is such a big deal is, this is NEP, coached by BB, qb'ed by TB. What's the recurring theme here - all three of these entities are vastly hated outside of New England. Can we agree that as far as BB & TB are together, we will always remain competitive. Imagine what this would do the competition's psyche, and to all the other teams that gets beaten most of the time. So when they find a slight chink in this armor, they would try to weaken it as much as possible, and try to taint this organization. Why wouldn't they, didn't their teams get ****** handed to them on the field for almost 4 years now. What I see is happening, years of pent up rage, inability to compete with us, taking this form of tainting us with this image.

    To me this fiasco is a confluence of many factors. NEP being a big dog for years. BB's habit of sticking his thumb into NFL. Mangini being on Jets side. Jets being pounded on home opener. NFL looking for make a statement. This will die down (hopefully) soon. Also, whatever the talking heads on the TV say, take it with a grain of salt. ALMOST EVERY TALKING HEAD ON TV IS TALKING IT UP FOR AUDIENCE. SORT OF AUDITIONING FOR THEIR NEXT GIG, TO GET MORE ATTENTION. Another thing is they are fickle minded. Two weeks from now, they wouldn't even mention this. They would be busy talking about the outcome of games.

    NEP's superbowl's and win streak's - which may look tainted now - is not. NEP and BB did not do anything different than the whole league does. NEP and BB just did it so brazenly - that called for attention and did. NEP and BB just did using camera instead of pencil and notebook. I don't see how this gives competitive edge differently from 31 other teams (Mark Schelerth is **** **** :bricks: ). For that, I guess they would end up paying couple of draft choices. This absolutely does not take away what this team accomplished in 2001, 2003 and 2004 seasons.

    Do I think we could have avoided this easily? YES
    Do I think BB could have handled this smarter? HELL YES

    But that's talking about that is water under the bridge. We agree with whatever the league proposes and move on.

    At the end of the day:
    BB is still THE best coach in NFL.
    TB is still THE best QB in NFL.
    NEP is still THE best team in NFL.

    The only thing more dangerous than New England Patriots team is New England Patriots team with a chip on its shoulder!

    NFL and other 31 teams can GTH!!!
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