Sammy Morris and Matt Cassel chemistry

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MrBigglesWorth, Sep 9, 2008.

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    One thing I was amazed about was the chemistry between Cassel and Sammy Morris.

    Sammy had 10 rushes for 53 yards, slightly better than Maroney's 10 for 51.

    But what is impressive IMO are the 5 catches for 34 yards that seem to come at clutch times as the safety valve at times. It felt like the two had been playing a while together.

    I'm excited to have Faulk come back. Will we see double running back sets? Motion into the slot for Faulk? Cassel has alot of underneath receiver help.

    Faulk has to be like another QB in the huddle out there with his experience.

    I'm excited to see this chemistry develop and Cassel showed poise. That's what I felt was lacking in the preseason. The Jets will be his second test.
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    Yea, man I think the pats offense will be forced to throw more screens and short passes with two running back sets much like the 01 pats offense
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