Same Ol' .... Same Ol' For This Red Sox Fan

Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by IcyPatriot, Mar 25, 2008.

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    So I wake up this morning to hear the current score of this morning's Red Sox game. Quickly I search for the tv remote ... put the game on and several pitches later Oakland goes ahead on a hr ... 4-3. So I watch the game here and there while getting ready ... turn the tv off ... me and my 8 year old into the car to go to school. Turn the radio on to find out Brandon Moss had just tied the game ... OKAY i GET IT!!!

    I turn off the radio so the Sox can win ... and they do.

    Looks like another season of the same ol' curse I bring to them whenever I turn a game on. i can watch or listen from the begining but when i turn it on and the game is underway it is always bad ... :confused: :enranged::scared:

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