Sam Madison is a New York Giant

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by oldrover, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. oldrover

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  2. BelichickFan

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    No kidding, it seems like nothing.
  3. mgcolby

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    How are they signing people or even agreeing? Doesn't free agency start at 12:01 tonight?
  4. IcyPatriot

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    Madison would be at best a nickle back on the Patriots. Which is what Samuel was drafted to be. So if we make a big CB splash in the draft then Madison would be a wasted pick. Our nickle's and dimes need to be great ST players...Madison is beyond that now at his age.

    Nice to seem him go the Jets though...Branch will have a party against him.
  5. primetime

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    His contract was terminated, unlike free agents whose contracts do not expire until tonight.
  6. mgcolby

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    Ah, I see says the blind man to his deaf wife as they are walking through the valley of darkness.


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