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    Bears fan here. Thought I'd see what insight on next weekends game this board might have in store. You can't get much worthwhile info from the 4 letter.

    Looking forward to a great game. I still remember Tom Brady juking Brian Urlacher back in 2006. Who knew Tom could juke? lol I always wished that you guys beat the Colts in 2006 for a SB XX rematch (not to mention a rematch of that very close regular season game).

    Anyway, thinking this game should be interesting on a number of different fronts. Our Oline is trying to gel, though we lack talent at both tackles when it comes to pass pro. The statistics show your secondary being suspect (which I tend to think is misleading). Our defense is pretty good, which isn't unusual, but our SLB and his backup are out w/ injury right now. We've been fortunate on the injury front until that developed yesterday.

    Here's to a good game full of hard hits and no injuries.
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    I'm not a fan of having to play on the road after a Monday night game; frankly I think it is something that should be eliminated for all teams from NFL scheduling. Add to that the Patriots will be coming off a game they get emotionally charged up for, against their rival for the division lead, and on top of that it will be against a team that appears to be headed to the playoffs - it all adds up to a game that is going to be very difficult for the Pats to win.

    After losing to the Giants, Seahawks and Redskins I didn't think much of the Bears but obviously I was a bit premature in writing them off; they've rebounded and played very well since then. Next week should be a good game, a very important one for both teams.

    Obviously right now there's virtually no discussion here of the game at Chicago. Usually most people talk about the previous game for a couple days after it was played, so there probably won't be much talk about the Bears until about Thursday. But please do join in with discussions about the upcoming game once the Jets game is in the rear view mirror.

    Fans of opposing teams are more than welcome here with intelligent discussions about their team and the matchup. It really helps quite a bit for us to get to know the next opponent and what to look for in the next game.

    We've had some really good pre-game discussions with fans of the Ravens, Dolphins, Chargers, Steelers and Jets this season; for whatever reasons fans of other teams the Pats have faced this season have been pretty much non existent here this year.

  3. Bearstuff

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    Yeah, my site hasn't had much rival fan discussion this year.

    Bears seem to play to the level of their opponents. Redskins game was a contest to see who wanted to lose the most (and we won at losing). Just awful.

    Giants ate our floundering (and in that game 2nd and 3rd string) Oline up. Seattle was more of the same, though a worse showing by our Oline because they aren't as talented up front (blitzed).

    This whole year for the Bears has been about how far the Oline can take us. Mike Tice (Oline coach) is pretty good, but he has almost no talent to work with.

    Currently our Oline looks like this:

    LT-Frank Omiyale (called OMG by Bears fans) picked up before last year from the Panthers as a LT, but played last year at both LG and RG (fairly miserably), LT (miserably) and RT (seemed to be his spot at the time). He started this year at RT and was benched by the end of the second game. Injury caused him to get the call at LT and Bear fans are shocked that he is still starting. He can be a turnstile and/or get called for holding and false start penalties. His strength is run blocking.

    LG- Chris Williams - drafted in the first round in 2008, didn't play a down due to an undisclosed back injury at draft time. Played RT at beginning of last year and moved to LT midseason and seemed to find his groove. Started at LT this season until an early season injury forced him out. Came back to play at LG (puzzling) and has been just ok. Lacks a good punch. Fairly decent in pass protection.

    C - Olin Kreutz - 13 yr veteran, several (I think 5) pro bowls. Heart and soul of the team in many ways. Great at making the calls. Getting too old and can be beat by quickness. Mean as heck. Occasionally gets overpowered by a bull rush, but usually only a couple of plays a game.

    RG - Roberto Garza - 10 yr. Vet. Picked up from Atlanta before 2006 season. Pretty good run blocker. Slightly above average pass blocking, but with mental lapses in blitzing schemes. Probably getting too old, but serviceable. He was out with injury for our 4 game stretch of misery mid year.

    RT - J'Marcus Webb - Rookie 7th round draft pick. Huge dude. Starting basically because of potential. Good at run blocking, pretty bad at pass blocking. Lot's of mental errors - presnap penalties, stupid holding, missing his assignments. Improving though in the last few games. Has a mean streak if he isn't too busy thinking about his assignment.
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    Welcome aboard!
  5. Bearstuff

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    I've invited a few Bears fans over from, the site I come from.

    I've also asked Ian if it's ok to invite you folks over there for a little info/smack exchange. Same rules apply there as here.

    We don't face each other that often, so I think we both can help each other out with what to expect come sunday.
  6. jmt57

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    I just joined ... I see a couple folks there are skeptical there can be any intelligent discussion. I'll try to get back over and comment later.

    For any one else interested in commenting over at the Bears' fan site, here's the link:

    Very quick and easy to sign up. If you do sign up, then act the way you would like visiting fans here to act. Don't be a troll or try to bait their fans into verbal warfare. As BearStuff said on his message on their site, if you think there is an issue then use the report button and let the moderators handle it; you are not the internet police.
  7. Bearstuff

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    Thanks. I just had to smack a few hands over there. lol

    I've had a great time over here, very good discussion.
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    This could be a great game and it could be a stinker. Really anxious to see what the weather brings. Right now predictions of snow and wind make this a blizzard game.

    Bears o line is shaky and that is worrisome. We need to attack like we did againt the 'boys with the quick hitters. Martz has come to his senses and we have been running the ball more. I believe before last weeks game the Bears were in the top 3 for rush attempts the previous 4 weeks. He better realize the Bears need to control the clock Sunday. Cutler has taken to running some when plays break down and he has been very effective.

    Bears D line needs to provide pressure to help an adequate secondary.
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    Just wanted to pop in and say hello as well, here's to what should be a great game on Sunday. I'm over from as well checking out the site and hope to chat with you folks some leading up to the game.

    Hope your team is ready for some good 'ol fashioned ice skating because our field is a nightmare.

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