Salisbury Cracks On Clayton

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by sebman2112, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. sebman2112

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    Sean Salisbury and John Clayton had a little back and fourth going over QB's. Here's a paraphrase from part of their convo:

    Salisbury - "If you're a good QB you should be able to fit into any System"

    Clayton - "What system were you good in?"

    Salisbury - "I wasn't good in any system because I stunk, I know one thing though you were there handing me towels when I got off the field!"
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  2. scout

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    Great post.
  3. DonBlackmon55

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    B-itch Slapped. Dooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhh
  4. Kdo5

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    Clayton owned Salisbury temporarily then Salisbury owned Clayton big time. :D

    Good stuff.
  5. Pats Fanatic

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    I missed that one becouse I don't watch that pathetic ESPN anymore. After last week no thanks but this sounded good.
  6. LoveDemPats

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    I watch Clayton because I hate him so much. Isn't that wierd??

    I watch his pointy chin, as he emphasizes every fifth word, and uses his boney little puppet hands and arms to further make his point. The dude makes my skin crawl, but it is like watching a wierd bug baking away on a 200watt light bulb. I simply can't turn away.

    When he is done speaking, I always shake my head in further hatred. But, the next time he has a little video on the website, I click on it. Just to see if he will again excentuate the fifth word again.

    Yikes right?

    Do I need help? Probably. But Clayton surely is some kind of anti-christ or something bad right? I think that he is really powerful too. To me, he is Elsworth Toohey to a T. But, that is just me.
  7. Krugman

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    Salisbury (sp?) and Clayton had a similiar argument last week,Salisbury was defending BB,Clayton saying it was a huge infraction,then they started the "player vs non-player"stuff,Salibury punked him then also.Clayton looks like the geek everyone made fun of in school.
  8. BoTown

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    Salisbury strikes me as the kind of guy you'd like to have a few beers with. Clayton is just a dorkface f*ck. I like Salisbury.
  9. OhExaulted1

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    That's hilarious. Great analogy!
  10. The more that I listen, the more that I like him... for the most part. He actually is pretty decent.
  11. primetime

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    As long as he doesn't send you a picture message on your cellphone, you forgot to add.
  12. BoTown

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    Yup, that's why I only said "a few" beers. Plus I'm a guy so I would hope he wouldn't plan on showing me his ****.
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  13. Gwedd

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    Clayton always reminded me of that cartoon dog "Mr. Peabody" on the old "Rocky & Bullwinkle"show. The dog was this super-intelligent geek dog with a time machine called the "Way Back Machine".

    Everytime Clayton starts speaking, he has the same style voice as Mr. Peabody, and it just cracks me up. I can never listen to what he has to say because I keep seeing him as that dog. :rolleyes:

  14. bradmahn

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    My mom swears that the illustrators for Spongebob crafted Spongebob's grandmother after Mr. John Clayton. I've started to think the same thing.
  15. DaBruinz

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    I don't know what is worse. The fact that you watch SpongeBob or the fact that you mother watches it also.

    Spongebob was banned in my house by my wife, thank the lord.
  16. bradmahn

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    If you haven't watched Spongebob you don't know the thinly veiled adult humour.
  17. alamo

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    Salisbury and Clayton have been going at each other for years, I have to believe it's part of their act. But they obviously enjoy it so it comes off as fun.
  18. DarrylS

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    Time to step into the way back machine..

    John Clayton reminds me of Mr. Peepers...
  19. tuckeverlasting

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    the geeks at espn i can't stand are john clayton, colon cowturd and doug gottlieb. the guys at espn i do like are buccigross, jaws, salisbury, gammons, ravech.
  20. CTPatsFan

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    John Clayton gesticulating:

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