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Salary Cap Deadlines

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TeamPats, Aug 8, 2006.

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    There is a lot of talk of the Pats being something like $10 mill under the cap. I was just wondering up until what point can we prorate Seymour's contract and charge it to this season or adjust Brady's cap hit to save cap room for next season? Also is this deadline different from extending Koppen, Graham, or Branch? And lastly, how common are extensions during the regular season? I often hear people say that once football starts I want no more negotiations.

    Just wondering if the deadline will be coming up soon or if we have 9 months to figure out the best way possible to use the space.
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    There are plenty of well-established techniques for moving salary cap dollars out into the future. Moving future dollars up into the present is a lot harder, it seems to me. Maybe change some NLTBE incentives to LTBE, or move future salary to the current year? But neither is a no-brainer the way, say, converting salary to bonus is. It would be a lot easier to draft some new front-loaded contracts for guys like Koppen and Samuel. Oh, and that wide receiver you might have heard something about...
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    Pats always keep some cap space throughout the season should they need to sign some available vet to replace someone who goes on IR. They also have the possibility of making a mid-season decision to redo or extend a player contract. The deadline (I don't know it) to use any cap $ is months away, late in the season.

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