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  1. LSSpam

    LSSpam Rookie

    We're in the middle of a 7 round mock draft over at I've taken on the New England Patriots. (Trades allowed, only using 2007 draft picks however, no one wanted to keep up with a salary cap)

    Anyways, I identified 3 major needs for New England

    1. Free Safety, ideally one versatile enough to play SS and Nickel/Dimeback as well.

    2. Interior Linebacker (3-4/4-3)

    3. Complimentary back for Marooney

    My initial plan was to try and get Puz (LB Penn St.) at #24 and then take Weddle at #28. I also considered the idea of making a play for Adrian Peterson is he slipped into #8-#10 (he didn't).

    Pittsburgh, as you see below, ended up taking Puz at #20 which kind of killed my options at #24. I ended up taking Jarvis Moss. I considered going Justin Blalock who I think is going to be a really good Guard or Right Tackle but Jarvis Moss represented really good value at #24. I realize you guys have Colvin and now Thomas but Colvin can be upgraded and I considered Jarvis Moss the #2 pass rusher in the draft (after Gaines Adams) and ideal for the 3-4 as an OLB.

    I then took a risk and traded back from #28 with Oakland (who wanted Blalock ahead of the Ravens) and ended up with Weddle at #33 and an extra 4th rounder (#100).

    The net result is I know have #91, #100, #127 and the regular New England compliment of 5th, 6th, and 7th rounders. Weddle is ideal for filling the #1 need, he can play SS, FS, and Nickel/Dime back, giving you secruity behind Wilson and Harrison this season and making Wilson potentially expendable next year. But Moss was a pure luxury pick, however good value he was, and now i'm looking to fill ILB and RB in the 3rd/4th rounds. The pickings are going to be slim.

    Anyways, below is the first 2 rounds (and record of the trades) and my draft board for the 3rd round. Thoughts would be appreciated.

    The notes in parentheses are trades executed on the board

    First Round
    1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell
    2. Detroit - Calvin Johnson
    3. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson
    4. Tampa Bay - Joe Thomas
    5. Arizona - Amobi Okoye
    6. San Fransico (from Washington 1) - Ted Ginn Jr.
    7. Minnesota - Gaines Adams
    8. Atlanta - LaRon Landry
    9. Miami - Brady Quinn
    10. Houston - Levi Brown
    11. Washington (from San Fransico 1) - Jamaal Anderson
    12. Buffalo - Patrick Willis
    13. St. Louis - Alan Branch
    14. Jacksonville (from Carolina 2) - Leon Hall
    15. NY Giants (from Pittsburgh 3) - Marshawn Lynch
    16. Tennessee (from Green Bay 4) - Darrelle Revis
    17. Carolina (from Jacksonville 2) - Reggie Nelson
    18. Cincinnati - Adam Carriker
    19. Green Bay (from Tennessee 4) - Greg Olsen
    20. Pittsburgh (from NY Giants 3) - Paul Posluszny
    21. Philadelphia (from Denver 5) - Dwayne Bowe
    22. Dallas - Aaron Ross
    23. Kansas City - Chris Houston
    --24. New England - Jarvis Moss
    25. NY Jets - Marcus McCauley
    26. Indianapolis (from Denver 6 from Philadelphia 5) - Lawrence Timmons
    27. New Orleans - Robert Meachem
    28. Oakland (from New England 8) - Justin Blalock
    29. Baltimore - Anthony Spencer
    30. San Diego - Michael Griffin
    31. Pittsburgh (from Chicago 9) - Ryan Kalil
    32. Denver (from Indianapolis 6) - Charles Johnson

    Second Round
    --33. New England (from Oakland 8) - Eric Weddle
    34. Detroit - Ben Grubbs
    35. Tampa Bay - Dwayne Jarrett
    36. Chicago (from Pittsburgh 9 from Cleveland 7) - Jon Beason
    37. Chicago - Zach Miller
    38. Arizona - Tony Ugoh
    39. Atlanta - Joe Staley
    40. Miami - Brandon Meriweather
    41. Minnesota - Sidney Rice
    42. San Francisco - Rufus Alexander
    43. Buffalo - Michael Bush
    44. Atlanta - Tim Crowder
    45. Tennessee (from Jacksonville 10 from Carolina 2) - Steve Smith
    46. Cleveland (from Pittsburgh 7) - Daymeion Hughes
    47. Denver (from Green Bay 11) - Justin Harrell
    48. Carolina (from Jacksonville 2) - DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler
    49. Cincinnati - Eric Wright
    50. Jacksonville (from Tennessee 10) - David Harris
    51. New York Giants - Brandon Siler
    52. St. Louis - Tanard Jackson
    53. Dallas- Arron Sears
    54. Kansas City - Craig Davis
    55. Seattle - Quinn Pit****
    56. Denver - Jason Hill
    57. Green Bay (from Denver 11 from Philadelphia 5) - Antonio Pittman
    58. New Orleans - Buster Davis
    59. Baltimore (from NY Jets 13) - Brian Leonard
    60. Miami - Anthony Gonzalez
    61. NY Jets (from Baltimore 13) - Victor Abiamiri
    62. San Diego - LaMarr Woodley
    63. NY Jets - Josh Beekman
    64. Tampa Bay

    1 - Washington's #6 for San Fransico's #11, #76, and #147

    2 - Jacksonville has traded their #17 (round 1), #48 (round 2), and #79 (round 3) to Carolina for its #14 (round 1), #45 (round 2), and #191 (round 6)

    3 - Pittsburgh trades its #15 pick (round 1) to New York (Giants) for its #20 pick (round 1), #81 pick (round 3), and #116 pick (round 4)

    4 - Tennessee trades its #19 pick (round 1) and its #115 (round 4) to Green Bay for its #16 pick (round 1)

    5 - Philadelphia trades its #26 (round 1), #59 (round 2), and #236 (round 7) to Denver for its #21 (round 1) and #70 (round 3)

    6 - Denver trades pick #26 (From Philly) to Indianapolis for pick #32 and pick #95.

    7 - Cleveland trades its #36 (round 2) and #178 (round 6) to Pittsburgh for its #46 (round 1), #116 (round 4), #119 (round 4) and #227 (round 7)

    8 - Oakland trades it's #33 (round 2) and #100 (round 4) to New England for it's #28 (round 1).

    9 - Pittsburgh has traded its #36 (round 2) and #81 (3rd round) to Chicago for its #31 (round 1) and #94 (round 3)

    10 - Tennessee has traded its #50 pick (round 2) and its #188 pick (round 6) to Jacksonville for its #45 pick (round 2).

    11 - The Denver Broncos have traded pick #57(2nd) and pick #95(3rd) to the Green Bay Packers for pick # 47(2nd) and pick #193(6th).

    12 - Jacksonville sends their #188 (6), #191 (6) to San Francisco for their #110 (4).

    13 - NY Jets send their #59 (round 2) to Baltimore for Baltimore's #61 (round 2) and #166 (round 5)

    Draft Board
    1-David Irons - CB
    2-Jason Hill - WR
    3-Ray McDonald - DE
    4-Turk McBride - DE/DT
    5-Anthony Waters - ILB
    6-HB Blades - ILB
    7-Chris Henry - RB
    8-Josh Wilson - CB
    9-Justin Durant - ILB
    10-Zak DeOssie -ILB
    11-Brandon Mebane - NT
    12-Paul Soliai - NT
    13-Tony Hunt - RB
    14-Michael Coe - CB
    15-Fred Bennett - CB
    16-Doug Free - G/T
    17-Ryan Harris - T
    18-Allen Barbre - G/T
    19-Johnnie Lee Higgins Jr. - WR
    20-Manueal Ramirez - T

    This bottom group are guys who are total non-needs but I want to keep tabs on. Yes the slipping of QBs, Stanton and Edwards, is not realistic. No one wants to "waste" a pick on QBs
    -Quentin Moses - DE/LB
    -Brian Robison - DE/LB
    -Drew Stanton - QB
    -Trent Edwards - QB
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  2. Fencer

    Fencer Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #12 Jersey

    On the whole, you seem to be very much on top of things. Bravo!

    Here's my take on your draft from here on out:

    1. CB is a real need. Even if we assume Asante Samuel is resigned, Gay is a UFA after next season too. Josh Wilson would be a great pickup.

    2. There aren't many good candidate backup NTs in the draft. It's a "need", and in a strong NT draft I'd be screaming for one in the mid rounds. But the Patriots can muddle through if they have to. The top 4 DEs all have played NT competently at various times in their career -- not just in rotation, but starting (possibly all four of them).

    3. If you LOVE a punter it's sensible to grab him. But the Pats have two good vets and two youngsters under contract, or close to it. And they paid Miller's roster bonus.

    4. A high-round OT would make sense. Mid-round, not so much, given their depth.

    5. Interior OL would make no sense, especially for a non-elite pick.

    6. Third QB? Roster spots are tight, but sure.

    7. ANY position can be drafted if the guy's low enough level that he can be cut to the PS.
  3. A.C Vegas

    A.C Vegas In the Starting Line-Up

    #11 Jersey

    I'd say Deossie Would be your best bet if you can steal him in the top of the 4th But with 91 i'd take one of the CBs as insurance
  4. LSSpam

    LSSpam Rookie

    I'm really really high on David Irons and am considering trying to trade up to get him. The issue is I'd like to get a CB, RB, and ILB with the 3 3rd/4th round picks. In particular I like Chris Henry at #100 maybe. So i'm torn between trying to move up for a guy I really like and staying back and filling multiple positions.

    By the way, we're going to all keep track of the draft picks throughout the season and revisit the mock draft after the season to determine who did the best. So I have significant bragging rights at stake with my picks. Everyone would love to pick the next Colston ;)
  5. tuckeverlasting

    tuckeverlasting In the Starting Line-Up

    No Jersey Selected

    i like manny ramirez ! j/k. for me, i'd be looking at henry, hunt, deossie or wilson. you like irons ? good genes, but he seems to have been around for a while, a little old for a rookie.
  6. rookBoston

    rookBoston 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #12 Jersey

    I think most fans would have been happy with Merriweather and Beason. But Moss and Weddle are a nice fit. Congratulations.

    Your trade down was fantastic, and very Belichick.
  7. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Thanks for posting, interesting stuff. Just so you know, I think a lot of us would crap ourselves if BB/Pioli drafted Polusnzalphabet and Weddle at #24 and #28. I'd much rather end up with Jarvis Moss than Polusz and Weddle is a better pick at #33 than #28 - 'though I'd venture to say he's more likely to go in the 40's that the 30's.

    Keep us posted.
  8. Handel

    Handel Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Nice job overall.
  9. Remix 6

    Remix 6 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    eh i hate the Moss pick..we hajve 3 OLBs ..2 might rotate while 1 plays inside but we need a run stopper in the middle but since u already chose him over lets say Timmons..i would take Wilson. Hes a short guy who loves to hit..can return and although hes 5"9 he doesnt back down from anyone including Calvin
  10. homerpatsfan

    homerpatsfan Practice Squad Player

    thanks for the post, keeps things interesting.really apreciate the input.:)
  11. SeauOUCH

    SeauOUCH On the Game Day Roster

    What in the world is the guy picking for S.F. thinking? Trading up to the 6 spot & picking Ginn Jr?? Is Matt Millen in your mock league?

    I like the trade down, I'm hoping in the real draft the pats either trade up or down or into next year, I'm not real excited about the talent that is going to be available at picks 24 & 28. ( Unless someone slides )

    I like Zak DeOssie & Jason Hill for guys that are left ( although we dont really have room for any more recievers )

    I like Miami's draft, B. Quinn, A. Gonzales & B. Merriwether ( I hope it doesnt play out like that on draft day lol )
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  12. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Moss is a conversion project, DE to OLB, if you look at Ware in Dallas and Merriman in San Diego you see guys who are still in the process of adjusting and are limited to what they can do. I personally believe a pure DE is unlikely to be taken in round one for conversion to a Pats' 3-4 OLB. I liked Manny Lawson last year because he had been used in coverage, and he was passed over for Maroney. If I'd been at your draft table I'd have lobbied for Staley or Ugoh, you can always trim a guy off the back end of the roster for a top flight OT. Heck, the Pats have Arizona's sixth round pick for journeyman Brandon Gorin who was one of the reclamation projects of the O-line coach. Still, you took a player who could in time become an OLB. Weddle is fine, even if I'd prefer to take one of the heavier safeties in the mid-rounds and use that first elsewhere.

    As far as your "needs" for the Pats, a starting line-up with primary reserves are already penciled in at every position but LB, and those kids don't grow overnight - one or two of us expect BB to sign some vet FA as teams start trimming or last season's injuries heal to the point where they can handle contact.

    1) College DE or large linebackers (6'2"-6'5" 245-265 - or likely to get there without a struggle) to develop behind the starters. Ex: Bradley (Nebraska), Robison, DeOssie, Moore (Nebraska). Scarce as hen's teeth, McBride may be one such guy (you can go over 270 since McGinest plays at 270 and the training program will slim them down if they need the extra speed/quickness).

    2) Depth/competition at Safety. The Pats have a very good FS in Eugene Wilson. They have veteran depth in Artrell Hawkins and Chad Scott. They have young CBs who can be moved to FS in Randall Gay and Antwain Spann. They re-signed Rashad Baker for two years. That's five CBs who play S and one STs ace who came in as a S. Competition with a Weddle or Piscatelli or Wendling or Payne or Stone or Josh Gattis will liven things up, especially if you can get one over 220 to pair with Weddle.

    3) Nickelback/competition at CB.

    4) Competition at RB. Preferably a young kid who can clear waivers and learn on the Practice Squad.

    5) Practice Squad projects.

    6) 6'4" pocket passer with a solid TD/Int ratio for 3rd string QB.

    Have fun and good hunting!
  13. AzPatsFan

    AzPatsFan Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    From the tail; end of the third onward Danny Sepulveda the Punter would be a typical Belichick Pioli unexpected pick. He also rates to play for 15 years and be a possible pro bowler every year.

    Belichick loves field position; one of those invisible stats that swing games...
  14. LSSpam

    LSSpam Rookie

    haha, yeah. Pretty much. We sort of let the Ginn trade slide but then he traded a 4th rounder for 2 6ths which was completely random, he's catching it now.
  15. LSSpam

    LSSpam Rookie

    I strongly considered Merriweather. Character concerns aside the reason I went Weddle over Merriweather is primarily because Weddle is bigger, he has a NFL Strong Safety's body. Merriweather on the other hand is locked in as a FS/Nickelback. To me, that made Weddle more valuable to New England because he could backup/potentially replace an aging Harrison.
  16. Remix 6

    Remix 6 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    we dont need a strong though. Sanders is better against run..we need a playmaker in secondary
  17. LSSpam

    LSSpam Rookie

    Btw what's happened since last night

    64. Tampa Bay - Quentin Moses

    Third Round
    65. Oakland - Ray McDonald
    66. Detroit - Drew Stanton
    67. Cleveland - Turk McBride
    68. Tampa Bay - Aaron Rouse
  18. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    What do you mean "we" mix-man? Box him want'um Strong Safety, plenty tall, cheap CB with stiff hips to be FS, want'um head hunters who don't need lead jock strap to anchor in stiff breeze.
  19. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    I think your pick of MOSS doesn't come across as drafting for the Patriots.

    Weddle isn't bad.

    You didn't get enough in the trade with Oakland.

    You haven't addressed the needs or VALUE that the Patriots look for other than acquiring Weddle.

    DeOssie or Stewart Bradley would be good value for the Pats.
  20. GermanGilbert

    GermanGilbert On the Roster

    an uptrade to #6 to pick ginn jr.? :eek: :eek: holy ****, that' s crazy :)
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