Saban - blasted Belichick clone

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Box_O_Rocks, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Box_O_Rocks

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    This team will be a challenge to close the regular season against, and the Pats' toughest division opponent next season. Forget the Colts, this will be the biggest rivalry again.

  2. hwc

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    Yeah. But, the fly in the ointment is that Saban doesn't have a QB. Kinda tough to win week in and week out in the National Football League without a QB.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    True enough, but they know that as well if not better then we do and have a full off-season (thank goodness! :) ) and salary cap room to address that little issue.
  4. oldrover

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    #50 Jersey

    Biggest omen for Fin fans: Miami didn't lose in December this year for the first time in two decades.
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    Yeh, that one sounded awful familiar and awful scary.
  6. hwc

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    I'm not positive, but I think it was Saban who launched into the media about how NFL QBs don't grow on trees and that it's not that easy to go find one just because you need one.

    IMO, finding a winning NFL QB is like catching lightning in a bottle.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    No doubt, but Saban does have an advantage, he's building a winning system that would be atractive to a FA QB, his OC is running a QBs wet dream offense, and Saban is a proven winner. If you were a young hotshot QB with upside and they knocked on your door, you'd be very tempted.

    If there is a viable FA available, Miami has a good shot. If they need to trade or shoot craps in the draft, things become more problematic. Either way, we know his mediocre QB won 8 games on a rebuilding team, shore up that defense and O-line, get a solid number 2 WR and they are a playoff contender.
  8. Flying Fungi

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    The only possible reason that McMichael should have any confidence against NE is because his owner, Rodney Harrison, will be on the sidelines.
  9. R_T26

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    Look, Miami has looked good recently, but they seem just like the Bills from last year. Mularkey was considered an up & coming coach. Good defense, good running game, Bledsoe as the qb, they ended the season hot @9-7. People were predicting them to make that leap etc. They ended up being awful this year. The dolphins played a last place schedule this year and played with a nothing to lose mentality. But its not like the Dolphins have been crap for years. They are basically getting back to what they were, a middle of the pack 9-10 win team who would be one and done in the playoffs. I think that team is made up of chokers. McMichael's and Chambers are good players, but ive seen them fumble and drop passes at the worst times, and one of them was so intimadated by harriosn 2 years ago, he didnt even bother to block him allowing rodney to force a fumble on fiedler. Plus Saban would scare me if I was a Miami fan, because he seems to have this win now mentality, but tries to pretend he doesnt when they were losing. Their D-line is old, their secondary is not very good, and their best players madison and schulters, both may be gone after this year. There is talk that saban may go after owens in the offseason, he brought back ricky. i dont think he cares about the locker room etc. Just win now.
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  10. hwc

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    Exactly. Don't get me wrong. I expect Saban to field a competitive AFC East team

    However, the dynamics of the NFL make it a lot easier to look good for a short stretch than to put together a consistent winner. What happens with a new coaching regime is that opposing coaches don't really have a complete gamebook to plot tendencies.

    It's like the dink 'n dunk Pats of 2001. By the following year, defenses had started to take way the short stuff.

    Running the ball and defense are great. But, I do not believe that you can consistently win the NFL without an NFL passing game. And, you can't have an NFL passing game without an NFL quarterback...something the Dolphins do not have.
  11. ilduce06410

    ilduce06410 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    da second fish game has been rough as long as i've been watching patriot football. seems they often meet in december with a playoff spot on the line. there's nothing that the media have latched onto, but fish have denied patriots a playoff spot or 2. we've tripped them up, too, most recently 2002. didn't they beat us down there last year with that horrible team? remember how they celebrated?
    it's no bunny.
  12. BionicPatriot

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    I think everyone made valid points. A huge reason as well is because they don't have an answer at QB. Gus is getting old, and he's not that good of a starter at all. So, what are they going to do there? Bring in Culpepper who knows the system? Because he is hurt, for a long time much like Harrison. They're not gonna stick with Gus forever. So then what, Sage? Please. Thats another setback to the same or even worse QB. They have no answer on the QB position.

    I see Miami kinda being what they were during the Wanny era. A very good defensive team, but never a real threat to win a championship, because the lack of a good QB. I see this rivalry getting huge starting next year, but I just don't see how Miami is any better off than Buffalo was this year.
  13. alamo

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    Maybe the press portrayed them superfically as similar situations, but they really aren't close to the same and Miami has the advantage. Mularkey had no HC experience and thus no track record of success, unlike Saban. Mularkey is still saddled with Donahoe, whose only success was so long ago I don't remember what it actually was. Saban has been successful everywhere and is redoing the organization from the ground up. Just like the Bills will be doing this offseason.

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