Ryan slipping to #7 more valuable for a trade than McFadden

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by BWareofDWare, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I have heard a lot from New England fans hoping that McFadden will drop to the 7th pick in the draft in hopes that The Cowboys lust for McFadden and will sell the farm for him. I really don't see it happening and think that him dropping is of no real value to the Patriots. Take a look at how The Cowboys got 2 first rounders in the first place. Last year Brady Quinn was still available at the #22 pick with Dallas on the clock. Cleveland didn't trade up because they thought Dallas would draft Quinn, they traded up because they thought Kansas City at #23 was a threat to take him. Jerry Jones and company had a draft card ready with Anthony Spencer's name on it, but with time running down they got the deal done.

    That brings me to this year. The Baltimore Ravens pick behind the Patriots, and that is a team with no need for McFadden as they already invested big money into Willis McGahee in the past year. If they truly wanted McFadden the Cowboys have no need to jump ahead of the Ravens, because they wouldn't draft him.

    On the other hand, should Matt Ryan slip to #7 this would be huge for New England. Baltimore is in need of a franchise quarterback and would love to get Ryan, so they could entertain offers from many of the teams in need of a QB (Falcons, Chiefs, Panthers, and Bears come to mind) as well as taking trade offers from Baltimore who would be looking to block another team from getting ahead of them.

    A deal with Dallas is of the most convenience and would provide the most immediate satisfaction to the Patriots/Patriot fans, since Dallas is the only team with two first round picks in this draft. But I truly believe the best value for the Patriots comes from Ryan slipping.


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    If New England can get a deal with a team drafting 15-25 and then who drafts early to mid second round that would be good too and would be easier on the cap - 2 first round draft choices might be hard to squeeze in cap space if not now then a few years down the road if both draftees play well...
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    Good post and I agree it, up until the fact that until we know that Jerry Jones will not part with both of his picks for McFadden at 7. As of now it's just a logical assumption on your part. But if in fact you gave the Pats a choice of McFadden for 22 and 28 OR Ryan for say 13 and 44, I'm guessing they would take 22 and 28.
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