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    We can talk all day about the rookie QB and the lack of pressure in the passing game, but the Patriots were almost certainly more concerned about containing Buffalo's run game. Saying that, these are some of the Bills rushing stats:

    Total rushing yds- 136
    Average - 4

    Fred Jackson
    Total yds-67

    C.J. Spiller
    Total yds-41

    This is one of the best RB tandems in the league and we did a pretty good job on them. Spiller is supposed to be the stud of this team and we completely shut him down.
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    Those boys came to play today. They definitely rose to the challenge of containing one of the NFL's most explosive players rather easily. The Bills were manhandled in trenches in the running game on both sides of the ball.
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    Jackson broke a few decent runs but other than that the run D was solid. Spiller was held in check and you have to think that was the game plan going in.
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    Jackson showed why reports of the ascendancy of CJ Spiller were premature. He may be older but he still has tread on his tires, and he's always been vastly underrated because he plays for the Bills. Pound-for-pound, he's still probably one of the better running backs in the league and is a solid receiver and pass protector as well.

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