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  1. skri65

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    I'm not sure how to take the following stat:

    Jets Rushing

    70 yards

    16 attempts

    On one hand, we held them to only 70 yards rushing. On the other hand, we allowed a 4.4 yard rushing average.

    What are we to take from this stat?

    Similar case against the Texans. We gave up 92 yards to Ron Dayne. He had a 5.2 yard per rush average against us.
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  2. patsfan13

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    I suspect the ypc was less early in the game and they got a lot of yds later in the 4th qtr.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    As the Jets needed to pass more in the second half, the D went to more 4-3, passing down looks. This allowed the Jets to get some longer runs when they ran against pass defense formations. 19 yds rushing in the 1st half tells the story (7 on a Penny scramble).
  4. zarakotas5

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    Two of the runs accounted for almost half of those yards (19 an 13?) and happened on the same drive.

    On the 19 yarder, Vrabel was responsible for the back but was the victim of a great seal block by the RG. The guard just made a great move on him. By the time the back got to the defensive backfield, the DBs were tentative and made poor tackling attempts. I believe Warren made the tackle (19 yards downfield). Great effort by him. I forget what happened on the other run.

    Probably just a lapse in the defense combined with some fired-up momentum on the O. While the Jets backs get maligned, the are underrated, IMO. They aren't great backs by any stretch, but solid and quick.

    So, they defended well 90% and got blazed on a couple of plays. Against SD, this will have to be upped to 100% or it will much much more costly.
  5. RayClay

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    Both times, playing coverage defense.

    It's hard to judge rushing effectiveness by stats. Judge by how the running effected the game.

    In Texas, we were up by 27-0 at the half. Dayne is strictly a power runner.

    Our D could have sat on the bench for the last minute of the half and Dayne wouldn't have been able to score 27 points.

    Against Pennington, coverage was first and pressure, difficult to bring with the dink and dunk, was secondary. Stopping the running game was way down the list.

    Did the running game take advantage and take our defense out of our game? I don't think so. So the statistics are irrelevant.

    Obviously, a great RB like LT can take over a game.

    When mediocre runners put up big numbers, it's often because the defense is concentrating on coverage or QB pressure or both.

    Individual statistics rarely mean much in the NFL without context. Was it effective? Did it disrupt the defense? Did it help your team win?

    The answer to both these running games is no. They merely took what the defense gave them without seriously affecting how the game was played.
  6. FloridaPatsFan

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    I think the Pats have trouble against quick backs like LT and BB will obviously have to commit the defense at times to stopping the run. But this is where I think the Chargers are going to have to make adjustments that will take them out of their MO on offense.

    Phillip Rivers has not exactly been stellar the last month of the season and BB has traditionally made young QB's uncomfortable in passing situations.

    I honestly believe that we are the last team they want to face. A physical, playoff battle tested team that has relished the opportunity to take on a favored team as the underdogs.

    San Diego fans should be excited about being in the playoffs but come saturday night, they'll be far more nervous about the game than we will be IMHO.
  7. mosi

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    Agreed. Stop the run and force Rivers to win the game.
  8. Oswlek

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    Bingo. Yep. You got it. :ditto: :agree: :beersign:
  9. skri65

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    Thank you for your thoughts and opinions...didn't really know how to take those stats, you all cleared it up.

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