Run attempts vs. pass attempts %

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    (so far this year)

    Run attempts -- 318

    (I did not include Vinny Testaverde kneel down which in the stats showed as a rushing attempt, nor did I include Brady's kneel downs and scrambles -- as they weren't designed offensive plays). I did include WR reverses as rushing attempts.

    Passing attempts -- 367

    So that means of 685 plays (318 + 367), we threw 54% of the time, and ran 46% of the time.


    Rushing attempts -- 401
    Passing attempts -- 564

    So that means of 965 plays (401 + 564), we threw 59% of the time, and ran 41% of the time.


    Rushing attempts -- 476
    Passing attempts -- 485

    So that means of 961 plays (476 + 485), we threw 51% of the time, and ran 49% of the time.


    Rushing attempts -- 428
    Passing attempts -- 537

    So that means of 965 plays (428 + 537), we threw 56% of the time, and ran 44% of the time.
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    You stats are a little misleading, different team require different tactics. Against Minnesota, pass was the best option, against the Colts I think they should run first, second and throw in a run with the pass just to keep them off guard. Until the Colts prove you can't run against them, getting into a shoot-out is a bad idea. Baltimore, just the opposite, short pass, swing pass, run to keep them honest, deep pass. So some games you'd have more passas and others you'd have more runs
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  3. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I think you meant to say 'we threw 54% and ran 46% for 2006'. :D

    My gut reaction is that it is disappointing that we are not 50-50 this year with two solid RBs as well as a struggling pass attack.

    Sure would have enjoyed running against the Colts. They stuffed Maroney, but Dillon could have been more involved, and Faulk less. :rolleyes:

    Hopefully we will decide to be more balanced down the stretch. In my opinion, anyway.
  4. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Right you are ... its the other way around, we threw 54% and ran 46%. I edited the original post.

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