Round of Applauds

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Remix 6, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Everyone on Patriots deserves it.

    -Coaching. We scouted them well..we decided running on them might not work..lets see how they react. Our scouting was great..we prepared well for a tough defense and they couldnt stop our passing attack

    -Every WR stepped up. Gabriel had a few big grabs espeically early. Caldwell had a few big plays for first downs. Watson as a TE stepped up..95 yards receiving. I had him predicted for big game..he came through. played hard even though Brady put him in a bad spot a few times. Brown did his a nice first down..a him.

    -RBs were really used..Dillon didnt have anything besides that 15 yard run. Maroney had a few nice moments..both had nice grabs for big gains. Evans even busted a 35 yarder..not bad of a job considering we were passing 75% or more
    - Brady threw it better each game so far..good rhythm with WRs..took a risk with INT but other than that..prettty much solid. great

    -OL played well without Neal and Graham. They gave Brady enough time early to get it out there. Big key

    -Front 7 shut down Chester Taylor..#2 back in NFL. we pressured Brad a lot but we missed a few times let him get throws out but we made him pay. TBC was a suprise..Seau looked great as did Vrabel with the INT. Great job big boys

    -Secondary..could of been better in certain areas but solid otherwise. We prevented big plays with their speed..created turnovers. GJ and Rodney looked like a missile from first play to the last. Hobbs man..u gotta take that all the way :p

    -Return game looked great too..first KR wasnt good with the penalty but then we busted off 77 yarder..the guy who commited 1st penalty got in the way :( Thomas. Faulk had a nice 29 yard return and CJax broke a nice tackle to get 11 yards

    -Coverage..i was a little worried early..Bethel got a nice return to the 35ish..and Moore had that TD but it was missed tackles on the PR. Can easily fix that

    Great Job overall. Im very proud. Big game verse Colts next week @ the razor on another national TV game.

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    #26 Jersey

    Fantastic! Ofcourse there were a few stupid plays like the punt return for a TD but other than that, the Patriots PROVED without a doubt that they are the 3rd best team in the NFL. It felt so good to see all the WR's have a great game plus Watson. I mean our WR's have been crapped on since Day 1 and I am telling you, this recieving core is definitley better than last years. Maroney is a great kick returner! And also it was awesome to see us make 4 INT's. Rodney, Scott, Vrabel and Hobbs.

    Last and most importantly, TOM BRADY IS THE BEST QB IN THE NFL. He played amazing today. The connections with his WR's were great and since everyone said this is one of the worst WR'ing cores in the league, Tom must really be the best if we are 6-1 and he threw 4 TD's tonight. Breakout game of the season.

    Hats off to everyone. Now lets go get the Colts.
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    RODNEY HARRISON!!! May not be as quick and young as he once was, but these last three games he is sure throwing himself the field like days of old. I love it and it is a great sign for the Patriots going forward this year to have the head of the asasins (sp?) back there
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    Small Thing but I liked C Jackson's effort on the TD.

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