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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rhubma, Aug 8, 2006.

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    There has been surprisingly little word about him so far this camp.

    One of the most exciting portions of the 2006 Pats is the Front Seven (especially the young, veteran, deep, talented, DL). Having them flanked by serious pass-rushers like Mike Vrabel and a HEALTHY Colvin could be SPECIAL.

    The 2nd half of last season gave us a glimpse of what a full bore run-stuffing Rosey could do. Colvin in his pass-rushing prime would give the Pats something that the team has lacked even through the championship years - a speed rusher that has to be accounted for by the other team's OC on every play.

    But so far this camp there has been little word in print about Rosey. Why? Given how talkative Colvin has been in the past this is curious to me. Has he been on the electronic media a lot (being out of the NE TV & Radio markets limits my contact to the Pats to print so maybe I'm out of the loop)?

    So my question for all is: what's up with Rosey? Usually there is a buzz about someone when things are going well. In this a case of no news is GOOD news? Has Colvin been talked about so much over the past few years that now he is being taken for granted?

    Mrs. B? Other bloggers? Can you fill in the gaps?
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    Rosey has been getting interviewed about Coach Pees, Coach Patricia, and the rest of the club in the stories I've seen. Give him a look Friday, I think you'll be satisfied.

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