Rooney: Opposing Teams Discriminate Steeler Fans

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by nescott, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Rooney needs to get a clue. The Chargers REGULARLY do this to Raider fans. If you are buying tickets to the Raiders game in San Diego, you have to buy at least 1 ticket to another game as well.

    Teams do this to try and keep the HOME FIELD advantage, Art. Hell, I bet your fans do it also.
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    Rooney will continue to mention other teams' ticket-selling practices at league functions, even though it was not well received at the annual meeting.

    "It wasn't received at all, so I guess that tells you something," Rooney said.

    Yeah, it tells you that you are a moron, Mr. Rooney.

    Let other teams sell tickets the way they want. Let their fans sell their tickets the way they want. You just worry about Heinz Field.
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    Rooney needs to do more research before complaining. Those policies are not uncommon and are certainly not biased against the Steelers fans. Heck, San Diego implented the group sales policy which forces fans to buy group tix to a minimum of two games (they actually did this to curb the number of Raider yahoos attending). It's kind of comical that Rooney thinks that it aimed specifically at his team's fans, when most policies are aimed simply at "away" fans.
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    The Saints have the same plan in place (or did Pre-K)
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    The problem with Steelers fans in other stadiums is waving the "terrible towel," plain and simple. It's an obnoxious thing to do when you're in someone else's building. If it wasn't for that, I doubt Steelers fans would be singled out any more than anyone else.
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    The Rooney family makes me ill. They think the entire leauge owes them something just because their last name is Rooney. It's ridiculous. What a bunch of arrogant douche bags.
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    I know they did for the games against Atlanta and maybe Tampa Bay, which was fine by me the less Falcon fans in town the better.
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    * I went to the Patriots/Chargers game in SD in 2002. There were many season ticket holders around us who said they, then at least, didn't even go to the game when the Raiders played there because thier fans were so obnoxious. They sold thier tickets on Ebay or whereever and stayed home.
    Pretty bad when you don't want to go to your own team's home game.
    I live in the SF bay area now and if the Raiders are playing a home game when the Patriots aren't playing that day I may go to one of thier games. I want to see what the atmosphere is like there. Just go as an anonymous fan.
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    I thought it said RoDney for a second! But then I read the thread and it was RoOney. Who cares... screw him and screw the Squealers.

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