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    Has it been determined how much increase there will be in the rookie cap this year?
    The cap itself rose quite a bit, will the rookie cap go up more than normal?

    Would it be just like BB to be the only one seeing the cap room he has as less than it may appear, because of a markup in the rookie pool, as well as an increase in minimum salaries?
    The reserve pool needed for the season should be higher now because the minimums rose, and the July-August vet at the minimum moves may be more expensive.
    ALSO, with the increase in the cap, is 'vet at the minimum' out of the equation this year? If you gained 15mill, wouldnt those vets now want 1.2mill instead of 800 that only counts for 450? (or whatever the exact # is?)

    Thats 400k to the vet, but 750k to the team.

    We have always seen teams that jump out and overspend at the beginning of FA end up not winning. Is there another reason this year that jumping in may not be wise?
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    If you jump in at the start of FA you tend to overspend. By waiting and seeing what the market is per position, they see who would fit the "patriot way and scheme" and sign them to a lower contract. The good thing is, they get great results from those "second tier" players.

    Remember, Vrabel was only a special team player in Pitt. and now look at him.

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