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Ronald McDonald's New Job - Financial Planner

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Mrs.PatsFanInVa, Jul 21, 2013.

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    McDonalds, God love 'em, is trying to help their employees learn how to budget.


    First of all - get a second job. Right off the bat, we're telling you - we don't pay you enough to survive.

    Secondly - don't eat. (There is no money specifically allotted for food)

    Thirdly - don't put gas in your car - it's not in the budget.

    Fourthly - make sure your children are going to be ok left home alone - there's no provision for child care provided.

    Fifth - Drop our insurance plan and find something cheaper - you can only spend $20.00 a month and, as you well know, McDonald's employer-provided insurance (should you be lucky enough to qualify for it) costs $14.00 a week.

    And last but not least - learn to love your uniform - because clothing, while seldom optional, is not included.

    Why McDonald's Employee Budget Has Everyone Up In Arms - Forbes
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    Wow. The leader in the fast food industry leaves off groceries in their budget to employees? I can't get past that omission. Ronald needs to go back to party favors and maybe upgrade to Carrot Top.

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