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    Explain this, please?

    As a libertarian, Paul says he opposes federal disaster relief, but one of Paul's staffers told me that his office has shepherded hundreds of FEMA claims, ensured the reconstruction of the county's seawall, and won federal funding for an extensive beach nourishment project. Indeed, between 1999 and 2009 (the most recent year available), federal spending in Galveston County quadrupled to more than $4 billion. In 2009, the county received $14,707 per resident, topping average per capita federal spending in 46 of the 50 states. Paul earmarked some $60 million for projects in and around the city that year.

    For better or worse, Paul has always cauterized his anti-government views with old-fashioned cronyism. Knowing that most appropriations bills will pass despite his nay vote, he often loads them with earmarks. In this way, he has managed to please both small-government conservatives and pork-loving constituents. From 2008 through 2010, Paul won nearly $125 million in earmarks, most of them for spending in his district. Last year, he was one of just four House Republicans who refused to abide by their party's voluntary earmarks ban.

    Ron Paul: DC Miser, Galveston Porkmeister | Mother Jones
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    Anything is better than Jug Ears, even a powerful women.
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    Ok. Harry-logic, I presume.

    Take one thread about Ron Paul, add in an irrational hatred of President Obama plus an unknown "powerful woman" and it equals Nothing To Say But Had To Chime In Regardless.

    Either that or Harry thinks Ron Paul is a powerful woman capable of beating Obama in 2012.
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    No Hatred for Dink Obama just fear, fear of what his incompitence and his hidden agenda will do to our country also fear of the wars that many of his supporters believed he would end but instead he escalated, fear for the young American troops that will die in The Obama Wars.

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    Can you please fill me in on Obama's "hidden agenda?" Thanks.
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    Pretty much sums up how we got to this point ... always spending, always raising the debt limit ... using our tax dollars for their campaign coffers. I posted one time in a thread that how about no earmarks in a bill ... Bush used the earmark routine to fund the war - 100% blood on all their hands.
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    he has said many times that he also sais its his job to bring as much tax money back to his constituents As possible. He doesnt like federalmspending bit if they're going to spend, he wants to get his taxpayers money back.

    fine answer for me.

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