Romney Vow: "If the Situation Arises, I'll Take Advantage of It"

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    There's a lot being said about Romney's disdain for the "47%" - not so much about his promise to capitalize on any misfortune which might befall our troops.

    I don't know about you, but that somehow seems equally, if not more, important.

    Romney was questioned if there was a way he could emulate Reagan regarding the way Reagan handled the hostage situation during the Reagan/Carter race. It was suggested that he could find something to say that would make the Iranians understand that their pursuit of a bomb is something that he would predict - saying that something like that would resonate well with the American public.

    Romney responded by rambling on about the hostages in Iran, the helicopters crashing in the desert and Reagan making "all the difference."

    And then he promised that if anything of that nature "presented itself" to him he'd "work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity."

    Nice, huh? It's a wonderful world when Americans getting killed in a foreign country is regarded as an "opportunity" by a presidential candidate - one that he can "take advantage of."

    It certainly explains why he was wetting his pants so bad that he was unable to keep his promise to hold a moratorium on political commentary until after Sept. 11th or to wait until all the fact were in before responding to the riots in Libya and Egypt, though, doesn't it?

    Full video and transcript of leaked Romney fundraiser remarks - First Read
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