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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mtbykr, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. mtbykr

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    On right now with "dale and holley" and peter king...will post more when it's over!
  2. satz

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    He is coming back and thinks junior will be back too :rocker: for opening night in INDY.
  3. JackBauer

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    Great news.

    I still think S is a huge position of need in the offseason. I don't want to see Harrison exploited like Bruschi next year.
  4. puffyme

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    Rodney says Titans went at his knees because he was coming off knee injury. Forget becoming a ref he should be a commentator. Not shy at all
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  5. ctpatsfan77

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    Did he say he thinks the Pats will open the season in Indy?

    I have to believe that BOTH the Pats AND the Colts would NOT want to play each other in week 1--and that the NFL wouldn't want it either.
  6. TomBrady'sGoat

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    Peter king asked him if he'd like to open in Indy
  7. bakes781

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    He mentioned having respect for Kevin Mawae prior to an incident against the Jets in which he took out Seymour with a similar cheap shot.
  8. mtbykr

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    Ok here we go, sorry if some is a repeat but typing during the interview:

    -Had tons of people calling him at the half when we were up and he kept telling them to shut up and stop calling becuase the game wasn't over

    -He def will be back next year and Seau should be as well

    -We all knew they blew the hobbs call, everyone makes mistakes but nothing can be done about it now

    -PM facing grossman is the biggest mismatch you can think of...picks dolts to win

    -Spoke well of LT, but said he was upset about the win becuase they thought they were going to come in and spank the pats and had never though about losing. LT was "out of line" because BB never condones anything like that, but the pats didn't do anything wrong anyway, LT was just pissed about losing

    -It's not about who's the most talented; it's about the team, listening to your coaches (providing they are good) and delivering on sunday.

    -It's not my job to analyse the team and what needs to be changed. BB and Pioli do it and do it the best. They will do what's best for the team and not what's popular. It's my job to prepare and play on sunday!

    -We surpassed everyone's expectations except our own.

    -Called out Mawae in the titans game and said he is the instigator of the cheap shots. Lineman were telling rodney they were going after his knees. When he was on the ground in pain some of the titans were laughing at him
    The titans were playing dirty all game

    -He paid for a new gym floor in a local church (not sure if atlanta or boston) and said he did it becuase he want's to help the kids considering the "blessed financial resources" he has. He told the pastor to not mention his name becuase he didn't want any credit for it. (he did it for the right reason)

    Thats all i can remember for now!
  9. Patriot Artist

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    Rodney sounded great, it was just what I needed to hear during a typical Peter King interview. Harrison is inspiring.
  10. Bella*chick

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    I love Rodney. I am so glad he'll be back.

    He isn't shy, that's for sure.
  11. DefenseRules

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    Good job!! :rocker:
    I haven't listened to Sports radio since the loss on Sunday. Again many thanks. I look forward to seeing my boy back on the field this summer.:D
  12. DarrylS

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    I enjoy listening to Rodney, he has a lot to offer.. he speaks well.. how he got such a bad rap I will never know.
  13. PatsWorldChamps

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    he took phone calls at halftime?
  14. wdkantro2

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    Why wouldn't he? He was watching the game at his house....
  15. shirtsleeve

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    Also heard on WEEI that Ashley Lelie (sp?) has voided his contract with the Falcons???

    Please, lets not start "we need him here now, the guy is a stud" threads!
  16. mtbykr

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  17. Fanfrom1960

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    That's a lot! Thanks mtbykr, et al for taking notes. Good news about Rodney. I still can't watch any pro football related stuff. This is great therapy. Thanks again.
  18. Danny Boy®

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    I'll bet my left nut that if the Colts win the SB, we will be in Indy opening up the 2007 NFL season on Thursday night.
  19. pats1

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    How would the NFL not want another Brady vs. Manning matchup on primetime?
  20. shirtsleeve

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    Thanks, NEM...I guess.:bricks:

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