Rodney: Jets' 9-2 record not ‘lucky

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Dec 2, 2010.

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    You're right. The only difference here is that when the Patriots were doing it, they were resilient and always found a way to win. When it's a team we all not only hate but LOVE to hate, then it's just lucky and they're playing weaker competition. That's the nature of the fan.:cool:
  4. JSn

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    This is also Rodney coaching from the outside...
  5. robertweathers

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    Huge difference IMO. Check out the schedule.

    2003 New England Patriots Statistics & Players -

    By memory my account

    Jets - was tight, but Pats pulled away
    Skins- awful
    Titans - was tight, but Pats pulled away
    Giants- was tight, but Pats pulled away
    Fins- Tight game all the way.
    Browns- Ugly, but Pats lead most of the game
    Broncos- Nice comeback.
    Cowboys- Pats dominated
    Texans- Ugly game. Pats kinda lucky to win.
    Colts- Epic. Big blown lead but its the Colts.
    Fins- Tight but Pats pulled away
    Jags- Pats owned that game.
    Jets - Pats owned that game
    Bills- Domination

    Notice a trend? Except the Colts game they didn't have any crazy blown leads. There were some games that could have gone either way, but thats the NFL.

    2003 Pats were 10-0 vs playoff teams. Jets right now are 1-2 vs likely playoff teams.

    There is no comparison IMO.
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  6. Dufflebagz

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    Idk why but I always think about that Texans game and remember the relief after we barely won.
  7. robertweathers

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    No question.

    Mia too as Sey blocked a kick and Mare missed another one in OT or it could be the other way around. I'd need to pop in the highlight DVD for nostalgia's sake :D

    What was so unique about that season was that in most of the games that they won by 10, 7, 3, 12, etc, the winning margins were so narrow, it always seemed like the leads were safe. So strange.

    Even the playoff games. TN was a nail biter, but did anyone actually expect Drew Bennett to catch that ball or the Colts to comback all the way once the score got to 21-14?

    The Super Bowl was a different animal. Carolina played so over their heads it wasn't funny.
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  8. JFaulkNYJ

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    lucky, or not it doesnt matter.

    last year the jets were lucky, but played very well in the playoffs.

    my point is all you need to do is gather wins, and try to play the best football you can late.
  9. Rob0729

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    I would say they are more fortunate than lucky. They have had their breaks, but they didn't exactly luck into wins.

    I think Rodney is being too kind in comparing this Jets' team to the 2003 Pats. The 2003 Patriots had easily the best defense of the Patriots' history and one of the more underrated defenses in league history. Other than the two games the Pats' lost along with maybe the Texans' and Titans' games, the defense pretty much kept the Pats in every game from the opening kick off until the final whistle. The offense struggled a lot during the year, but the defense always kept the Pats with a lead or pretty close to winning.

    The Jets are not playing complete football in any phase of the game. They can be dominant at times in all three phases, but struggle in all three phases too at times.

    Also, as pointed out, the Pats faced 10 playoff teams in 2003 and beat them all. The Jets have only beaten one of the likely playoff teams they have faced.
  10. WhiZa

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    breaks, fortunate, lucky... whatever it is they have a lot of it
  11. ALP

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    Not lucky, but flucky yes
  12. Wax Frog

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    A better alternative than saying "fortunate" / "lucky" - the Jets have gotten plenty of opportunities in games, and have generally been good enough to take advantage of them. How good that "good enough" ultimately is remains to be seen.
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  13. Uncle Rico

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    Exactly. That's what I remember about those '03-'04 Pats is that they always beat the top teams -- and that's a tradition the 2010 Patriots are carrying on. Still a few to go, starting Monday night ...
  14. robertweathers

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    Yep. Only loss to a playoff team in 04 was to a 15-1 Pitt team and Dillon didn't play and Ty got hurt.

    I convienently forget that Monday night horror show vs Miami. Oops. Looks like I haven't.
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  15. Mayday Malone

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    Didn't the Fin game start a new record, after the loss?

    Think about it, Brady and Co... flirted with so many perfect marks before the nearly undefeated season, it's no wonder they can accomplish what they are now. It's all Brady, and it's all Bill.
  16. PatsBoy12

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    Honestly, and no disrespect to you and the work you put in compiling this stuff, but I truly feel that even if the Jets were playing "top notch" teams, there are still more than a few people on here who'd find a way to discredit them. Again, that's just the nature of a fan, particularly a sports fan. The Jets didn't make the schedule. They're playing the teams that were designated to them before the season started. Also, it doesn't matter if they've blown leads. They were resilient enough to be leading when the clock read 0:00. That's all that matters in the end.

    Look, I wouldn't be on this board if I weren't a Pats fan. However, I think it's stupid to sit here and act like one 9-2 record is somehow better than another 9-2 record simply because you think the manner in which one team won and the competition of said team is better than that of the other team, especially when considering the team with the better 9-2 record didn't dominate their way to that record. Had James Sanders not made the INT, the Colts probably go on to win that game (another comeback win). Had the Chargers made the kick (a blown huge lead), that game probably would have turned out differently as well. The Baltimore game had to go into OT . . . a game in which Baltimore dominated the Patriots for 3 1/2 quarters.

    To me, the bottom line is that there isn't much separating the two teams. If the Pats don't handle business on next Monday night, they'll more than likely lose the division. I doubt Goodell is going to seed them higher than the Jets simply because the Jets played weaker competition (perceived). In the end, the top seed goes to the team with the best record in the conference regardless of competition. With all that said, anyone who wants to delude himself or herself into thinking the Jets are somehow not a valid contender can go right ahead. The fact is the Pats must win the game on Monday night. That I'm sure we can agree on.
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  17. robertweathers

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    No disrespect taken but you have a couple of threads going on in this single post that you may want to revisit and comment accordingly.

    1. Jets come from behinds are lucky and aren't as good as the Pats
    2. Jets squeak-out victories are just like 2003 Pats.

    #1 Based on the Jets being 1-2 vs likely playoff teams and the Pats 4-1 vs likely playoff teams, one can conclude that the Pats have faced tougher competition and faired better up to this point in the schedule. Jets still play @Pitt and Chi. We shall see.

    #2-My assertion is that the 2010 Jets' squeakers are nothing like the 2003 Pats' squeakers.

    Either way, in both trails it's pretty clear-cut with the data we have.
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  18. PatsBoy12

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    We'll see come Monday night. The one win the Jets got against the playoff team was our beloved. As stated, I really don't care who either team has played. They lined up against each other, and the Jets took home the W. To me, that's more of an indicator of which team is better than who they've played since then. That doesn't mean that I'm saying the Jets are better than the Pats. What I am suggesting is if you want to look at data and make conclusions, why wouldn't that be the most important piece of data? In the head-to-head, the Jets won.

    Anyway, the teams are slightly different now, so we'll get to see the outcome when it's settled on Monday night. I, like you, am hoping for a huge win. I, perhaps unlike you, wouldn't be surprised if the Jets pull it out. They are a very good team, IMO, regardless of how they're winning. I hope the Pats aren't taking them as lightly as many of If they are, they'll lose for sure.:(
  19. Gunnails

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    Starting to like Rodney as a talking head.
  20. robertweathers

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    Head-to-head is important. Jets have won 2 of the last 3.

    For the record....If the Pats are up 28-24 w/ 1:21 left and Sanchez has the ball and they go right down the field and gets a TD, it'll be the 1st time this season the Pats have blown a 4th qtr lead and lost. With that said, will I be surprised? Not the way the Jets have come back and won games this year. Not in the least.
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