Rodney Harrison suffered a broken scapula

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fanfrom1960, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Sonofa*****!:mad: He heals quickly so he should be back for the playoffs.
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    Reiss has reported it as well...NOT good.....6-8 weeks....even with sirgery..a RARE occurence..VERY NOT looking good...but maybe NOT IR..
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    Rodney Harrison is who our whole defensive philosophy in the secondary is based around.
    Hopefully its not too bad.
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    Yes, I edited my first post with a link to his article.
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    You mean WHEN we make it to the playoffs, right?
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    You guys are looking at this wrong...there is no mention of IR here. This is NOT a rotator cuff which was season and maybe career.

    6-8 weeks - count your blessings - Wild card weekend is 1/6 and that is 10 week from now.

    Rodney will be back for the playoffs, at worst, and maybe even for the last couple of weeks of the season - I'll take it!! It could have been a hell of a to worse.

    Rodney's coming back for the playoffs and Hell is coming with him!!
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    What a F-ing bummer, but even by conservative accounts, he should be back by playoffs, and that's really what is most important.
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    "Patriots safety Rodney Harrison suffered a broken scapula (shoulder blade) in Sunday night's game against the Colts, according to a league source"

    how many think this league source is from the pats front office ? probably another attempt to p*** off alan greenberg :)
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    I cracked my shoulder blade (scapula) in a rugby game a couple weeks ago. The first night, I couldn't sleep at all. For the next week or so I had to sleep with my head propped up (you can't even sleep on the opposite side, it's just too ridiculously painful). I stopped doing that and returned to my usual manner of sleeping, but when I wake up it's painful for the first hour and a half or so. I missed a couple practices and didn't play rugby the next week (at first I could barely catch something without it flaring up in pain). I returned to practice last week and it still hurt in contact but I played through the pain during the game. The worst problem is the fact that I was a little tentative because I was a little afraid of the pain of going into contact or making a tackle. It flares up from time to time and gives a dull pain when I'm running. I haven't been able to do pushups or heavy lifting in the chest/shoulder area because of it.

    For a broken shoulder blade, I'd say Rodney's likely to be able to start light practicing in 2-3 weeks (the site you're looking at isn't written for professional athletes, remember) but as a person with a cracked one can tell you, it's not comfortable and probably won't be even 8 weeks from now. He'll be back by the playoffs though, and I'm sure Rodney's pain threshold is much higher than someone like me, so he could be back even earlier.
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    From Tomase's piece in today's Herald:

    "According to former Red Sox team doctor Bill Morgan, shoulder blade injuries can take anywhere from two to 12 weeks to heal, depending on the location of the break. The bone, also known as the scapula, connects the humerus (upper arm bone) to the collar bone.

    ?For what he does, it?s tough because he?s going to have to be able to get his arms over his head, lift his shoulder pads and absorb contact,? said Morgan, who spoke of the injury in general terms and has not examined Harrison. ?If it was a large fracture through the entire bone, those are tough to heal. It is a vascular bone, so it heals well. But if it?s more than an avulsion fracture, it?s got to heal before anything.?

    An avulsion fracture would be the best-case scenario. That?s where a tendon or ligament pulls away a small piece of bone. They?re common in the ankle and often treated as a sprain. Such fractures can take as little as two weeks to heal.

    The worst-case scenario would be a break that extends into the shoulder joint, which would require surgery and likely end his season. Word last night was that the injury was not that serious.

    The most common course would be 4-6 weeks of healing, followed by another 3-6 weeks to regain range of motion. Given Harrison?s experience coming back from injuries, he could beat both of those timetables."
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    Terrible news, but lets hope he can make it back in time for the playoffs, thats all thats important at this point.
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    If would say Rodney is a quick healer. The very fact that he was back on the field for the opener, at his age and with three torn ligaments is a minor miracle.
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    I agree. Rodney will be back for the 12/17 game vs the Texans or 12/24 game vs Jaguars.

    The shoulder will be immobilized in a shoulder sling for 3 weeks until the pain goes away and add another 2 weeks to get range of motion back.
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    From Mike Reiss' full Globe article this AM. Let's hope he rebounds a little faster on a playoff team:

    "Harrison, who turns 34 in December, suffered a similar injury in 1999 when he played for the San Diego Chargers, and he missed eight games that season.

    Last October, Harrison -- before undergoing surgery on his left knee -- reflected on his 1999 scapula injury in a conference call with reporters.

    "It was a pretty significant injury," Harrison said, explaining the injury as a hairline fracture. "Aside from this [knee] injury, that was probably the most painful, probably the most uncomfortable injury I've had. I remember I couldn't sleep at night, couldn't lay down. I had to constantly call doctors in San Diego at three o'clock in the morning to come over and give me pain medicine.

    "It was probably the most painful injury that I've had, probably even including this one. I probably sat out 8-10 weeks or something like that. It was pretty devastating."
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    im assuming hes out for at least the rest of the regular season
    so whos our starting safeties..
    hawk and chad scott?
    (considering geno has been hurt and a disappointment again this yr)

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