Rodney at practice

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Dec 15, 2006.

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    And this..."Linebacker Jeremy Mincey, a sixth-round pick of the Patriots in 2006, has been signed to the Jaguars' active roster. Mincey was cut by the Patriots before the regular season began."

    Maybe they're concerned that the LB deficient Pats coulda signed their #5 pick onto to THEIR 53.
    Probably not.
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    Yeah probably not. Otherwise we'd have already done it as we've had roster spots empty here and there.

    Good news on Rodney :rocker:
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    I'd guess he plays at Ten. Gives him one game to get nack into it before playoffs. Maybe 4 or 5 plays at Jax if he can.
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    It talks to the Jags injuries on the DL. Nice to hear Rodney is taking some reps, though I have been pleased with Sanders play.
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    what game was he injured in...seems like forever..:confused:
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    Box, has Sanders looked like a potential above average starting SS for when Rodney is gone or more like a top backup/ST guy ?
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    Right at the start of the Week 9 game vs. Indy - we're now heading into Week 14 :(

    The good news, though, is we're still the 3rd best scoring defense even without our DB Hammer.
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    Pretty much as Rodney indicated. I doubt if he plays this week adn even next.

    But, I do think he will play some in Tenn to get ready for the playoffs.:rocker:
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    Sanders looks like a young guy playing well within himself and not trying to be a hero - big plus. He is a good open field tackler and has no fear in run support - though the Pats appear to be playing back and letting the front seven handle the run. I don't remember him blowing any coverage assignments either. I think any experience he can gain will really help him compete for Rodney's replacement.

    The four young guys who have played well as injury replacements and limited game substitutions are Sanders, Banta-Cain, Yates, and Wright, I really love the potential they are showing. I like what I have seen of Andrews, Spann, Woods, and Mays on Special Teams - which is where three of those I noted above have been getting their reps. I think the grow your own strategy is producing some good kids for the future, I'd like to see more of Alexander and Childress. Folks like to dwell on mistakes, like Sanders overplaying Walker in the Denver game, but kids learn from those plays and the ones who come back and correct things deserve a little love instead of the bashing our more strident "alleged" fans dish out.
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    Sanders - Sanders is a pretty reliable tackler, has fared well and is improving. Llong-term a playmaker may be needed at Safety and Sanders may not be that guy. At worst he is an adequate reserve with good ST potential.

    Special Teamers - Add Alexander into the mix listed above. I am with you, they can't get better unless they play. It won't break my heart to see the Pats add a little youth to the LB position next year, we could be seeing the last of Davis, Izzo and Pass.

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