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    I didn't see a thread on this, so I thought I might start one. The first thing that jumped out at me listening to Robert is just how intelligent he is. He is very eloquant for an ex-ball player. A few of his points are:

    * He feels that the open locker room that they had in Minny from 98-00 was very conducive to a healthy environment. He mentioned Vrabel, Seymour and (one other guy - not Brady or Bruschi) as being guys that Moss can lean on, as well as put him in his place if necessary. Smith sounded very optimisitic about the union of Moss and NE.

    * When Dennis tried to get Smith to tear into Randy a little ("Don't you want a self-starter? Isn't it a red flag if a guy is only productive if his surroundings are good?") Smith essentially said what we all know, that a negative attitiude is as infectious as a positive one. When the entire team sucks and the majority of the players have minimal motivation, it is difficult to stay focussed. Smith made his point well enough - even though he said what most have, it just sounded better, you know? - that Dennis never broached the subject again.

    * Smith said that he thinks Maroney is going to be a *great* RB. Couldn't say enough about the guy. He even admitted that he had misread him in college because he didn't run with as much power then.

    * When Smith rattled off Moss, Stallworth and Welker as additions to the team, he went into an unsolicited praising of Welker and how much he adds to the offense.

    That's all I can remember for now. Hopefully a few here can add their thoughts.
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    Thanks for posting that.

    I haven't heard a single ex teamate, coach or reporter who's been around Moss who think he's a bad guy or will not work out in New England. By all accounts, he's a good guy who really wants to win, will work hard but is a follower not a leader. That's OK on our team.

    The thing that excites me is, and this willl sound stupid, we actually will have all these players on the field soon. Right now it's B.S. on paper that we're talking about but in a few months, we're actually going to see Adalius Thomas, Stallworth, Moss, Welker actually on the field. Just like "you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone", you also "don't know what you've got until you've got it" and it will be nuts when these paper names actually start making plays for us.
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    he's so articulate! (sarcastic)
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  4. TheSeymonsta

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    He quit football to become a Doctor....

    He is no dip$hit.
  5. Oswlek

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    One other thing that I just remembered. When Dennis asked about quitting on plays, Smith said something like, "Did Randy take plays off? Sure. But so did I and so did Chris Carter." He then went on to say that people find examples of Randy doing it, use that to confirm their preconceived notions and then lambast him for it. But Moss was regularly out in front of him blocking on long runs and he couldn't have done that with some effort.

    He went on to explain to the guys that taking plays off doesn't necessarily mean putting in no effort. Using himself as an example, Smith described a play where his responsibility is to protect the edge, "if there is nobody there, I'm going to take my time to get there. You only get so much time to catch your breath before the next play."
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  6. Oswlek

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    In his own words, he is not a doctor but he is involved in the medical field.
  7. TheSeymonsta

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    Well, either way he has some brains....He is no Patrick Ewing.....:D
  8. Bella*chick

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    The biggest surprise to me is that Smith and Carter have acknowledged that EVERYONE takes plays off, but Randy's are blown out of proportion because he's Randy Moss. And of course, that makes perfect sense. But for me, the biggest thing about Randy was the taking plays off thing and I now feel much better about it.
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  9. marty

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    I caught part of that broadcast and coupled with what Cris Carter said in the Herald piece, IMO Moss will probably be somewhat relieved to become just a teammate here. Given the years he performed under "players coach" Tice, and the Raider's fractured atmosphere, I'm willing to buy into Carter's opinion(hard to swallow, I know) that Randy may very well thrive under the strong structure and discipline here in NE. As Smith so correctly pointed out, a winning attitude is just as infectious as a losing one.
  10. TheSeymonsta

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    Thing is, when you run 60 yards every play arent you going to need to take a play off once in a while???:confused:

    I know they are professional athletes but running full bore 60 yards anyone will get tired.
  11. patsfanofNC12

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    You would think so unless they are like superman. :ditto: :agree:
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  13. maverick4

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    There is definitely a double standard against Moss. People killed him for leaving a game 2 seconds early, but Lord Favre left a Metrodome game 27 seconds early once, and no one said a word about it.
  14. He is also looks very clean!;)
  15. unoriginal

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    I'm glad Smith was satisfied with Moss' downfield blocking, that was one of my criticisms of his game. Obviously Smith's on-field experience and film study trumps the fan's TV viewing.
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    Thanks for the link, it was a VERY positive interview. I thought it was funny at the end when Smith is discussing his very interesting and topical new venture in the medical software industry. It was factual, thought provoking, and...clearly over Denis' head. He couldn't wait to get him off the air. :D

    All in all a very DISAPPOINTING interview...if you are John Denis. :rolleyes:
  17. psychoPat

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    Top-notch interview ... with a very intelligent, restrained, and balanced Robert Smith.
    (FWIW, he said he now is in "the administrative side of medicine" ... evaluating healthcare costs ... encouraging preventive measures.)

    Since his last few years in Minny, i have been distinctly a non-admirer of Moss.
    These past few days have been a challenge to re-adjust.

    What impresses me most is the willingness - it even seems like the eagerness -
    of many who know the man to spring to Moss' defense.
    E.g., this powerful interview with an ex-teammate.

    What finally dispels my lingering distaste for, and anxiety about, this uniquely talented UNDER-ACHIEVER
    is that performing lights-out for the Patriots this season
    so very clearly is the best thing he could ever do
    in his own self-interest !

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