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Road Warriors- Pats record at home and away

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patsfanin Philly, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Jan 16, 2005
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    #95 Jersey

    It's a weird world when they are 3-3 at home (especially after all their recent home success) and 5-0 on the road but it's more than that. Look at the number of points scored at home versus the road. Granted the competition has been much tougher at home (Buf, NYJ,Miami Denv, Indy,Chi) versus the road (Buff, NYJ Cinn Minn GB) but the points differential is note worthy.
    Before anyone points out that the competition was tougher at home , look at divisional opponents (3 home, 2 away)
    with 53-44 pt-pts allowed at home for a 17.7-14.7average at home while on the road vs division , they are 2-0 scoring 52 points and giving up 33, 26-16.5

    Home (6 games)
    Points scored (total ) 97
    points scored (average) 16.2
    Point Allowed (total ) 101
    Points allowed average) 16.8
    average margin victory -.7
    TDs allowed 11 (1 defensive)

    Away (5)
    Points scored (total ) 156
    points scored (average) 31.2
    Point Allowed (total ) 43
    Points allowed average) 8.6
    average margin victory 22.6
    TDs allowed 4 (1 return)

    Putting it another way, the Pats have been outscored at home but are outscoring their opponents on the road by 22.6 points a game.
    Just some food for thought and my $0.02,

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    Eh, it is what it is. It's flukey.

    Home field advantage is up there in the list of overstated and overestimated football items. The simple fact is that teams who win most of their games at home are great teams that win most of their games period. When Green Bay fell from great to mediocre did the power of home field prop them up at home? Of course not, they became mediocre at home.

    You recognize the tougher competition at home but then somewhat discount it. The Pats have played 3 really good teams, 2 of them at home. The team on the road shot itself in the foot and is from the clearly inferiof NFC. Easily the two best teams the Pats have played were at home. It is unsettling that they could win neither, but hardly a huge surprise.

    Add to this that new turf has been installed mid-season, wholly changing the way the game can be played in Gillette, and I find it hard to draw any conclusions other than that the Pats have simply lost 3 games at home.

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