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Rick "Robbin' Hood" Perry

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Mrs.PatsFanInVa, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Mrs.PatsFanInVa

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    #24 Jersey

    And he thinks the feds have misused SS funds?????

    The Feds ain't got nothing on Rick Perry.

    The Public Utility Commission is cutting off a 10% electric bill reduction to almost 400,000 low income and elderly residents.

    Texas legislators balanced the state budget this year by diverting money from a fund to help the poor pay for electricity.

    The money comes from every Texas consumer - each of whom is required to pay $0.65 each month without the option to opt out.

    Although there is plenty of money in the fund, the balance of the available monies are now being taken away from the intended recipients and instead being diverted to balance Rick Perry's state budget.

    Temperatures are still soaring past the century mark and refusing to subside, many Texans are trying to find ways to lower their electric bills. One option that some low-income residents relied on is no longer available.

    The Public Utility Commission of Texas told 391,000 low-income and elderly residents that the LITE-UP Texas program, which reduced their electricity bill by 10%, would end in September.

    Texas Representative Sylvester Turner said the state is "stealing from the elderly and poor to fill their coffers."

    "We are using their money as an 'under table tax' to balance the budget," he said.

    The fund receives revenue from each Texas consumer, who is required to pay $0.65 each month without the option to opt out.

    Each year the fund generates $140 million annually, but this year the fund is expected to only allocate $60 million to $65 million, with the remainder going to balance the budget.

    The fund currently has a balance of $650 million and is expected to grow to $930 million by 2013, said Turner.

    Texas Cuts Energy Aid Even As Heat Strains Continue
  2. Holy Diver

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #80 Jersey

    This dude is looking more Presidential by the minute....

    Protecting the wealthy, while screwing the poor and elderly? what could be more american that that?

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