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Review of Giants/Pats - Wk 17

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Horace's Ivories, Jan 24, 2008.

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    #24 Jersey

    I'm sure others, by now, have loaded the first game and have reviewed it. I think there are alot of very positive things to take from the first half of the game (I'm saving second half for later in the weekened):

    - Other than the huge 55 yarder to Burress alot of Mannings big plays were him roaming out of the pocket/broken plays. say bubye to that in the SB.
    - One play in particular was the final drive before the half were he got flushed from the pocket and hit Boss after being pinned deep. Samuel seemed to have been looking to jump a route in front and he let Boss get by him.
    - I think based on Samuels improved coverage versus the Chargers that he is stopping the "interception" hunting that hurt in the Giants game and against the Jags (Wilford)
    - I didnt realize how cold it must have been that night as the breath is quite visable on TV. Perhaps Watson's 2 bad drops in the first half become a little more forgivable.
    - The time of possession and domination of the Pats is pretty impressive in the first half. The final drive of the half was a definate cluster F#@k but the redzone D has been playing so much better since that game and they had a nice streak going into the Giants game (9 without a TD).
    - I am so impressed with the OL in the first half considering neal, kazcur and brady were all out. They did a very good job and this was before the 22 point run of the second half.
    - Moss's hit by Gibril Wilson? was huge and pretty nice that Moss could respond so quickly. It interesting to note that after that Burress went silent for quite a while as they show a shoving contest between he and Hobbs at some point. I think Burress will be controlled to a large extent in the SB.
    - The Giants D does not look as impressive as either Jax or SD.

    Any other thoughts?
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