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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RoughingthePasser, Sep 24, 2007.

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    We've had some great play from Jarvis and our guys in the secondary during the absence of Richard and Rodney.

    Our defense is actually improving in several facet's of the game.
    I'm very excited to get Rodney and Richard back too...

    Should we play them (Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison) as starters or split time with our current guys?

    Any ideas, opinions?
  2. aluminum seats

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    In a lot of ways those kinds of distinctions aren't too important. They'll be worked into the mix--in Harrison's case, I assume he'll step right in and be a force again--while Seymour gets worked into the D-line rotation.
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    Rodney looked like a man amongst boys out there in the PS. I expect him to be filtered into the games for a few weeks with Sanders continuing to start (much like the way Asante was brought along) but he will be the starter by week 7.

    Seymour will probably be treated the same. We forget because he wasn't up to his normal standards last year, but Richard was awesome in 2003/2004 and down the stretch in 2005. If we get that Seymour back he is a *huge* upgrade - and I really like Green.
  4. BradyManny

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    Yeah, Jarvis is great, but this is Seymour we're talking about. While I agree with Breer's recent assessment that Wilfork is now the most important player on D, we're still talking about an MVP on the defensive side of the ball.

    Folks can talk about Seymour's health all they want, but the #s speak for themselves. Over the last few years, when he's on the field, our defense is better, particularly against the run...I'll look up the stats later when I'm feeling less lazy :p
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    I think the much better question is who is cut form the current 53 man roster for them to make room for these 2 guys. I think it is safe to say that Chad Brown will be cut when Rodney comes back, but then who next? Are our kids good enough on ST for us to part ways with a Rashad Baker or Mel Mitchell? It's gonna be difficult, my guess is Mitchell and Brown are the 2 cut. And of course, this all becomes relevent again once Eddie/Chad Jackson and Brown comeback too.
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    This team is a meritocracy, if they earn it, they start it is that simple..

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