Retired players shame the league in front of Congress

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RayClay, Jul 9, 2007.

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    You watch, the NFL and the NFLPA will end up paying more now.

    Which is fine with me anyway.

    "Many of the players who now complain about their pension did not view pension benefits as a priority when they were playing, and did not agree to make sacrifices in bargaining to improve either their pensions or the pensions of those who came before them," said Douglas Ell, the lawyer for NFL's retirement plan.

    Players made so little they worked loading trucks and stuff in the off season.

  2. DarrylS

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    Couple of things come to mind:

    I am retired from the State, and had a good run was even a union official, however it is no longer the responsibility of the union to represent me.. I no longer pay dues, and am on my own. If I wanted to can join another union comprised of retired folks.. the NFLPA does not have a responsibility to it's retired folks, can make some gestures and lobby on their behalf. I know of no union who is advocating for their retirees. Consider Bethlehem Steel and some of the other companies who no longer exist in the past 25 years, those folks do not even have a pension.

    Secondly, I have long advocated for something be put in place to teach these guys how to invest, the NFLPA could endorse some companies like Fidelity or someone else as they make a bunch of money fast.. like many 22 year olds, I suspect that if they and probably I were given a million cash for playing a game I liked, they and I would make a lot of mistakes. It might be better not only to advise but to take out a greater % into a retirement fund that would kick in at a specific age, along with endorsing disability insurers.. there are a lot of things that can be done. Unfortunately, not much retroactively unless there was a voluntary fund by the players who wanted to contribute.

    Have never seen the salary structure of how NFL retirement works, also the injuries may or may not be due to the NFL.. could be an unattended injury that occurred in College, High School or even Pop Warner. Which got progressively worse over time.

    This along with Steroids is something that the congress should steer away from, it is just pandering and lip service.. there are much more serious issues out there today.
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    Gives me an idea. I need to go to congress and whine about how there was no 401K plan when I was working. Get them to take money away from working families and give their earnings to me. What a country!
  4. Gopats!!!

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    Can you imagine if everyone who worked for a company that gives its employees better benefits now sue there companies???? It would be a disaster (But the lawyers would eat it up!). I think most people wouldn't be given the time of day.

    The only reason these guys have a leg to stand on is they are football players. The NFL is huge, so they have a target on thier backs. The better you are, the more people want to tear you down.
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    * Let me know how you make out. I may join you -:)
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    Either the taxpayers pay for the medical care of ex-NFL football players, or the NFL does.
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    If only I could be rich enough to have the NFL owners' problems. Imagine being so loaded with dough that only giving 1.1 billion(to fund the pension plan) might possibly be considered 'not enough,' for even a second.

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