Respectable Baby Killing

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by patsfan13, Nov 17, 2006.

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    More from the culture wars, the slippery slope and the culture of death. Old and inform next? Or the Mentally disabled?

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    This is interesting. Infanticide is common in cultures where the people are very poor, primitive, or under extreme duress due to things like war or severe natural disasters which cause poverty. We all have heard the stories of the children being thrown in the river if they had a disability like missing or deformed body parts, mental retardation or even of they are a girl. Many rational arguments can be made to support this practice on a case-by-case basis. The point can be stretched to ludicrous degrees like using “unwanted” children as soldiers.

    Infanticide makes no sense in an “advanced society”. We are socially equipped to support the lives of these children, but the society has to agree officially to do so. That means total and unfettered support for the families of these kids. In the US, we pay outrageous rates for insurance and taxes, but when a disaster strikes, you are buried in heaps of red tape and asked to jump through ridiculous bureaucratic hoops. Yet we all sit back and claim to value each life as a “gift from god” and then say to the families “good luck!” Either a life is the most precious thing or it isn’t. Society says it wants to leave no child behind, yet they make parents of severely disabled children spend all their resources, time and all of their remaining being to keep a terminally ill or disabled child alive and well. I know many who have done so to the point of denying themselves and their other children a full life. Other people hail them as heroes or wonderful people as long as they don’t have to pony up money or time. I think the word is “hipocracy”. (No reference intended to anyone in particular, just society in general)

    In the absence of the support from society (and I'm not talking about slogans on a bumper sticker), the government (society) needs to stops requiring us to pay huge taxes and insurance rates with NOTHING in return and no support when things go wrong, allowing us to keep our money and support our kids. Either that or we should be allowed to throw our unwanted infants in the river.
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