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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SoCal Bong, Sep 19, 2007.

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    I know this might be a little late but I'd like to hear any observations from those that attended the game about everything EXCEPT the game.

    How well or poorly was the parking handled?

    Were there many Chargers fans? Did they have a lot of smack talk to dish out before the game?

    On TV we saw some camera hats (box on the head) but were there other creative signs, props, etc?

    Anything new with the concessions, retail booths, video displays, SRO sections?

    Suggestions for anyone going to future home games?

    Funny stories from the tailgate or interaction with Chargers fans?
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    There were a few pockets of Charger fans congregating before the game. One bunch of mostly young guys in their twenties was on the west concourse chanting really loudly "Let's go Chargers!" and got booed. One of them held a sign that read, "Mr. Belichick, please don't steal my sign."

    Saw some girls carrying white sheets with spray-painted messages of support for BB. Saw a guy wearing a Pats helmet with a camera attached to the top of it.

    Concessions/pro shop booths in the stadium were the same. SRO, most of the music, etc., was the same. Some nice fireworks ... Touchdown music is the same.

    Parking was a mess. I was there 2 1/2-hours before kickoff and the private lot I like to use was already full. Ended up getting directed to a main stadium lot, took a solid hour to get out after the game.

    Get there earlier than before if you are going to a game this year, especially if you want to tailgate.
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    Usually before the late games they would open up the main stadium lots early but they only opened up P10. I usually park in P6 (now P7) but the Statie was adament that they would not open them until exactly 4. This caused most of the mess I think. Most had to park in different lots than they have for a couple of years which, with the new layouts, probably caused most of the mess. Hopefully as the year goes on people get used to the new ways and it gets better.
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    Went into one of the restrooms on the lower level after the game. Walked in and there were 3 guys with Charger Jerseys and a guy with a Patriots Jersey standing in there. The Pats fan and one Chargers fan were mouthing off to each other (they all seemed like they were over-served). I went into a stall and I heard alot of scuffling going on. Then I hear the cops com,e in and separate them. The Charger fan with the loud mouth says "I want to press charges, he assaulted me." Cop tells them to get out their ID's. Again he says he wants to press charges. The following exchange ensued:

    Cop - You're from San Diego?

    Fan - Yeah.

    Cop - You gonna come back here for the court case?

    Fan - Huh? No.

    Cop - I'm not filing charges if you're not gonna come back for court case.

    I walked out of the stall expecting a couple of cops. There were about 15-20 cops and about a dozen security personnel.

    Wonder if they got locked up.

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