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    Americans are required under penalty, to report ALL funds,
    bank accounts and assets offshore on their tax returns. That is all
    assets with the sole exception of life insurance and real estate.

    Historically more Americans have made more money in real estate than
    any other investment. Real estate has retained its value, mostly,
    over many years. The right type of real estate outside of America
    might be a life saver, financially as well as physically for you and
    you're loved ones. You could retain a good portion of your capital
    whilst having a safe haven to go to in times of turmoil. As the great
    American humorist & writer Will Rogers said; "Buy land, they ain't
    making more of it!"

    In the event of a dollar meltdown, the government would most likely
    take all kinds of draconian measures to save you from yourself.

    For example;

    * Placing wage and price controls placed into law
    * Implementing exchange controls that might outlaw citizens from
    having assets OUTSIDE your country
    * Demanding that all citizens and residents repatriate their
    financial assets back to Amerika (or your country) under dire
    * Forbidding you from owning gold
    * Limiting you from traveling abroad. This could be accomplished
    via limiting the amount of funds one could "take out of the country."
    [Note: The UK did this very successfully in the mid 1960's. So don't
    think the US, the UK or you're country wouldn't do this if push came
    to shove!]
    * Plus throw in everything else you can dream of that the
    Terrocrats would cook up in order to save their ass and steal your
    assets to keep their shill game going.

    Don't think any of the above could happen? Think again because it has
    happened previously in the US and elsewhere and there is certainly a
    real possibility of any one of the above or more happening again.

    Reporting requirements are dangerous to your health! With the type of
    reporting available worldwide nowadays, it is most likely that your
    offshore assets are already known to, or will be made known to the US
    authorities in a short period of time, assuming you haven't already
    'voluntarily' reported them.

    Not so long ago our British friends had severe exchange controls
    placed on them in order to "keep them in the UK." I know because
    we personally experienced this stupidity from the government's

    Whilst traveling to France on summer holiday, we were only allowed 50
    quid (fifty pounds) to take out of the country and there weren't any
    credit cards back in those days. Our French hosts felt so bad for us,
    they refused to accept any money from us. I've never forgotten that
    kindest and am always ready to reciprocate with French friends and

    Try traveling abroad with just $1,000 today for ALL your expenses,
    including charges on your credit card. You certainly wouldn't get
    very far would you? This would be, could be an extremely efficient
    way for your government to "keep you in Amerika, the UK or elsewhere,"
    wouldn't it?

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