Report: Stallworth in substance abuse program

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  1. broadwayjoe

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    Donte' Stallworth is a participant in the league's substance-abuse program.

    It's uncertain how long Stallworth has been in the program or how many strikes he has against him, although it could help explain his trade from New Orleans last year and the relative lack of interest he's received as a free agent. Stallworth hasn't scheduled a visit yet.

    Maybe this explains a few things.
  2. PatsFanSince74

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    thanks for the info.
  3. Bella*chick

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    Wow, thanks for this.

  4. dtbrks

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    Yep.. this appears to explain his lack of interest in the FA market.
  5. Fencer

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    That could explain a lot of the confusion about his dollar value.
  6. Patriot_in_NY

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    Oh yeah.......................... He's got "tread warily" written ALL OVER HIM.
  7. MoLewisrocks

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    There was a rumor, I think on PFT last week, that one of the name FA on the market this season might be in the pee in the cup program but they weren't going to name names. When they later started to note that despite reported interest Stallworth had yet to arrange any visits and perhaps his price was putting off teams I figured he might be that guy. I believe second offense gets you a 4 game suspension and three strikes puts you out for a year.
  8. Sean Pa Patriot

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    A little dissapointing to hear this, things were going to well..
  9. Fumblerooski

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    Buyer beware, damaged goods, warranty about to expire.....
  10. Sean Pa Patriot

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    But then again Moss is in the substance abuse progam as well...
  11. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    Moss clearly likes his weed.
  12. JoeSixPat

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    I've got no moral issue with a football player who likes his weed - all that matters to me is the possible suspensions. Obviously it's not indicative of a hard work ethic either but, if there weren't the potential for NFL suspensions it wouldn't be a big deal to me.

    hearing that there's serious consideration of Moss, out of the two I'd still go for Stallworth. There's nothing suggesting Stallworth takes plays off like Moss - and Moss obviously would have to renegotiate his salary in a serious way to even contemplate giving up a 4th rounder for him.
  13. Phokus

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    We should get stallworth (assuming the substance is something innocuous like _\|/_). Given that he's in the program, we could have some leverage in getting a bargain contract out of him.
  14. NEPatriot

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    Agreed. I would like to see Dante in a Pats uniform. Let's hope the price comes down.
  15. salty

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    Combine this info with Stallworth's injury concerns and his dependability issues, and I'd say the Pats should stay away. Only way I could see signing him is if it were an incentive-laden contract with little guaranteed money, that was easy to walk around from, if it became necessary. Don't see Stallworth going for that, but I guess you never know.
  16. pats1

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    And there was a certain running back who was suspended the first four games of the 2006 season for an NFL substance abuse policy violation...

    His name?

    Sammy Morris.

    (Of course, then there's always Mike Cloud...)
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