Report: Jets part ways with Kevan Barlow

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Jets=ankle biters who are beyond annoying lately.

    This was interesting:
    Barlow shined in the Jets’ upset win in New England, rushing for a season-high 75 yards in the Foxborough muck, but, curiously, his role was reduced after that game. Maybe, if Eric Mangini had continued to ride him, things would’ve turned out differently.
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    The Jets don't have to make room for anyone.

    They have 58 players under contract for 2007, 56 if you count their NFLE exemptions. The offseason limit is 80.
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    That's one way to look at it.

    Another way to look at it is that Jets are making room for Earl Charles.
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    I believe they gave up a 4th round pick for him. For a guy that didn't play 16 games or do much.. Not a horrible move but not a good one at all..
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    Barlow was a real disapointment, 2.8 ypc, after the season he said he had been nursing a knee injury all season.
    The sighning of Barlow is by far the worst move Tangini has made so far, followed by picking Eric Shlegal in the 3rd round. But other then those 2 mistakes they have done very well.
    Barlow was due to earn 2.8 Million next year, and though he has said he was willing to restructure, he must of thought the Jets offer was to low, in this free agent market he might do better then Vet minimum, who knows.
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    Here is my view on the Jets and Mangini.

    yes they drafted well but when you have the #4 pick in the draft, you'r not supposed to screw up.. Mangold fell in their laps and with the release of Mawai it was a solid move.

    Lets be honest here about the Jets. A year prior to Herm being fired, Pennington was leading that team in the right direction and close to going deep in the playoffs.. Following year he gets hurt and herm get fired. Mangini jumps aboard and goes 10-6 with a healthy chad. Yes he did well but lets remember it tougher to stay on top in the NFL than getting there..
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    If 75 yards is considered "shining" then it's no wonder they cut him.

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