Report: Danny amendola ‘almost certain’ to miss jets game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. SVN

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  2. Froob

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    **** 10 char
  3. captain insano

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    wow amendola hurt?? what a shock he never gets hurt:rolleyes:
  4. RobAllan

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    Here let me dust off the cobwebs after less than one week without use...

    I hope the report is wrong and he turns in a 100yd performance
  5. FourierSeries

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    I was on the "he's only had freak injuries so he's not necessarily injury prone" train. Not anymore. This guy is indeed very injury prone. We'll be lucky to get 9 games from him this year.
  6. BadMoFo

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    That didn't take long. I thought he was the Cal Ripken of football.
  7. situational_awareness

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  8. BlueThunder

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    You mis heard ..... they said he is the Cal Ripped it Again of football :eek:
  9. naF staP

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    I hate to be part of the ITYS (I Told You So) club. But I told you so,
  10. patman12

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    There a prize for that?
  11. IllegalContact

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    well........this is going to be the week for the rookies.....should be interesting to say the least
  12. SVN

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    I took one day for everyone to turn back on the guy who really shouldnt have played the 2nd half on sunday. He is injured.Was injured before the game. ***** happens. Dont know how it is his fault.
  13. signbabybrady

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    Glass half full or glass half empty.

    I chose to take the full side. The game of football hurts and the question is how tough can you be. In the past some of his injuries would not allow him to play through it. But I also beleived he played on the shoulder injury before he was supposed (I know he played through one of his injuries not sure it was the shoulder). And doing what he did on sunday shows that he is one tough footballer.

    During the game I pretty much already determined he would be out thursday as he was going to be sore and it would be the right thing to do given the 10 days off following it. Hopefully the 10 days allows it to get better. But based on sunday I would think even if it doesnt get significantly better he will probably be playing through it just real tough on the short week.
  14. Big-T

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    Patsfans: The only website where fans gloat when one of the teams key players gets hurt.

    Muscle injuries happen but because it's Amendola it's a huge deal, right? He's got near enough 2 weeks to get right for Tampa, letting him skip the Jets will be fine.
  15. FourierSeries

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    It's not his fault. He's a great player. Probably the best player on the field last Sunday. He's just very injury prone, unfortunately.
  16. 37Harrison

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    It is getting to the point that this is comical.... I don't believe with the current players injured, that this offense is as good as the 2006 offense.

    Ridley: Fumble machine
    Vereen: Broke wrist
    Blount: Not really that good
    Bolden: Ditto Blount
    Amendola: Broke d!ck
    Thompkins: Not ready for the NFL yet
    Boyce: Ditto Thompkins
    Sudfeld: Ditto Boyce
    Hooman: Really? Counting on him?
    Edleman: Only bright spot thus far... seeing as he is still healthy for now.

    I will say this... I think Washington has a big game for us but it wouldn't surprise me if he did next to nothing too. (I am feeling rather pessimistic today)
  17. RIpats88

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    Its too bad to see patriots fans rejoicing that amendola might miss this if they don't want to see the team succeed because of welker

    Its a short week maybe they just want to give him the extra rest
  18. Bobs My Uncle

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    Hopefully, the injured get back soon.

    In the interim, let's go defense!
  19. SVN

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    He pulled groin. Not like he got hit and got concussions or broke a leg or tore an acl without contact.... Has veeren played 16 games. He was injured too last yr and again this first game. Its just bad luck. Lets hope playing through sunday didnt make the groin injury worse and costs us more games.
  20. situational_awareness

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    Who's rejoicing?

    I just see a lot of people saying they aren't surprised.

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