Report Card Time For The Pats At The 1/4 Pole

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    Lets See How you Grade The Positions With 4 Games In The Books

    QB) A- - Brady has been very good despite missing a key receiver and still no real deep threat

    RB) A - Ridley and Bolden playing even better that I ever imagined,and no fumbles at bad times

    WR/TE) C+ - Gronk has been missing as his usual dominating self because of being used to block and apparently suffering with a hip problem to slow him down,Welker is Welker and Lloyd has been coming along improving each week,the rest of the corps is Meh for now,Hernandez returning will be big.

    OL) C- - Inconsistent play with injuries on top of that,the line does not deserve a D because too many movements in and out so far.

    DL) B - Good looking rookie in Jones and Wilfork is his usual beast but there is still lack of a consistent pass rush

    LB) A- - Spikes is playing out of his mind - RBs fear running up the middle,Mayo and Hightower have been solid

    S) D - Too many big plays given up in the middle of the field,Chung and Gregory have been dissapointing thus far and look no better than last year's safety play.

    CB)C- - Better than last year but still room for improvement

    ST) D - Nothing spectacular and Gostkowski's current struggle

    Your grades?
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    Think you're being a bit harsh. The secondary, particularly the safeties, haven't been great, but a little better than D level. O-line better than that too. The rest seem about right...B range for WRs.
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