Replay booth rules in the Brady BB era - Helped or Hurt us?

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    Would you say that if instant replay booth calls were not in effect in 2001 to the present we would have 3 Super Bowl rings now?

    We know we would have never won SB 36 without it and who knows if it helped us along the way to SB 38 and 39 - maybe it hurt us in the playoffs the past two years and cost us SB 40 and 41,Then again maybe it helped us in getting to and winning SB 38 and 39?

    Do you think it has helped us the the Brady BB era,Hurt us more than helped us or about even in terms of calls that went against us vs. calls that went for us.

    I can't relive every call made for or against the Patriots in the past 7 years...noone on here can say every call made either, but what do you think?..Has it helped us or hurt us more?

    Since a call made during the snow bowl game gave us a chance to win that game then eventually SB 36,I say it has helped more than hurt as a 6 year combined rule.

    Please don't say it helped us here or hurt us there..That is not my question..I want an opinion as a whole in the 6 years combined.
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