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Remix 6 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Remix 6, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Remix 6

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    Mar 24, 2006
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    1) Houston Texans - Reggie Bush Its no secret, hes the BPA in the draft and him or Domanick Davis will line up as a WR on passing situations to make an good offense that will be hard to stop with a little bit of trickery.

    2) New Orlean Saints - AJ Hawk Hard to decide between a defensive player and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. They have Gandy, Brown and Mayberry next season and thats pretty solid..just few fill ins. At DE they have few good players..Will Smith..Grant.. thats not a bad group so they pass on Williams and take AJ Hawk to help their needy LB corps.

    3) Tenessee Titans - Matt Leinart They had to decide between Matt and Vince. They choose Matt because hes won a lot of games..hes a smart kid and is a more proven passer than Vince. Chow will love being with a USC QB again.

    4) New York Jets - D'Brickashaw Ferguson They lost 2 good OL through FA. It was tempting to take Super Mario to replace Abraham but they really need an OL

    5) Green Bay Packers - Mario Williams Well for a long time, its been between Hawk and Williams. With Hawk gone, they take a superb pass rushing DE to help their defense.

    6) San Francicso 49ers - Vernon Davis A lot of people have Ngata going to them but I think with Young being there on the line..they can get someone else to fill DT. Davis gives young Alex Smith a bigger target and a very fast one who will block and catch well.

    7) Oakland Raiders - Michael Huff Huff said he'd liked to play in Oakland. They need some defensive backs especially with Woodson not coming back. Huff is a versatile DB who can play S or CB very well. They'll be happy to have him.

    8) Buffalo Bills - Haloti Ngata They need a guy to replace Williams and Adams who've they lost good DTs 2 years straight. Ngata is a big dude who can anchor the line.

    9) Detroit Lions - Jay Cutler Losing Harrington is start, now they need a QB. McCown will compete with Cutler for starting job. They targeted Huff but hes gone and other S arent worth #9

    10) Arizona Cardinals - Winston Justice AZ promised James they will improve the OL to make the offense better. They do so with Justice

    11) St.Louis Rams - Tye Hill Huff is gone, LB position better with Witherspoon, they take a CB to help against pass.

    12) Cleveland Browns - Kamerion Wimbley With so much work done in FA, they are pretty much set on O. They are happy with Frye, Droughns is a strong runner and their WRs are pretty good. Winslow coming back too. Defensivly, they got better through FA and need an OLB/DE. Lawson is 6"6 and is a great pass rusher. Will learn a little from McGinest.

    13) Baltimore Ravens - Vince Young Yes, a shock he fell here but with Saints picking up a QB through FA, they let all the QBs in the draft drop. Boller will get a shot to compete but will likely be traded.

    14) Philadelphia Eagles - Broderick Bunkley Middle of their DL was a big dissapointment. A big guy like Brockerick will certainly improve the defense.

    15) Denver Broncos - Chad Jackson Lelie was a dissapointment last season and Smith is close to end of his career. Jackson will learn from Smith's veteran skills and will eventually take over.

    16) Miami Dolphins - Jimmy Williams Maybe Will Allen will get back to his earlier form and be a better CB. With that, they need a S because Bell cant do it. Jimmy can play CB or S and has good size and ball hawk skills aswell as speed. Saban likes some versatility.

    17) Minnesota Vikings - Chad Greenway They need an OLB that can be good against the run and be a future star. Greenway is a good pass rusher and has great size and will certainly help this Vikings D.

    18) Dallas Cowboys - Ko Simpson Who plays next to Roy Williams? They really need someone with good ball skills to defense the longer passes. Their CBs are good and LBs are pretty solid with Ware and Ayodele running it.

    19) San Diego Chargers Donte Whitner Well their S isnt there anymore but they go with Whitner whos a great leader, great tackler and isnt bad in coverage.

    20) Kansas City Chiefs - Santonio Holmes Kennison isnt really young and Hall isnt a very good WR. They take Holmes who has speed and can do some damage after catch. He runs good routes and knows how to get open.

    21) New England Patriotots - Manny Lawson Who will replace Willie? Well Lawson has similar size and is a great pass rusher.

    22) Denver Broncos - DeAngelo Williams They are suprised as anyone that he drops here. Hes got speed and is the BPA.

    23) Tampa Bay Bucanneers - Eric Winston They really need an OL. They have a young QB, young RB and a decent core of WRs. Best thing for them to do is protect Sims and let the Offense run the show while the old defense continues to play well.

    24) Cincinatti Bengals - Darnell Bing Well news has it they are very close to signing Sam Adams and that should almost clean up the DT troubles. A Safety next to Madieu will be needed and Bing is the best one avaible. Hes good against run and will lay many players out.

    25) New York Giants - Bobby Carpenter Well they need some LBs with them giving up a few guys. Secondary is largely improved and the next needed position is LB. Carpenter can play inside and out and learn a lot playing with leaders and good players such as Pierce and Strahan.

    26) Chicago Bears - Sinorice Moss They missed out on Randel El. They take Moss to provide them a big play guy on offense. With his speed and agility, he can become a dangerous man after the catch.

    27) Carolina Panthers - Leonard Pope They need a guy who can catch the ball from the TE spot and create some mismatches. With 2 good RBs left, they have something to think about but Foster was signed to a nice contract and Shelton is coming back healthy.

    28) Jacksonville Jaguars - DeMeco Ryans Hard to choose between a TE and OLB. They went with OLB to fill the void left by Akin Ayoedele. DeMeco is a very smart player who knows how to play without many mistakes. Hard woerker.
    29) New York Jets - Tamba Hali They need a replacement for Abraham at DE. They decide to give Blaylock a possible shot after Martin is done.

    30) Indianapolis Colts - Laurence Maroney Maroney reminds many of James. A very fast back, with good vision and agility. He can be a home run threat for the Colts.

    31) Seattle Seahawks - Mathias Kiwanuka They couldnt get control of Abraham so they draft a guy here. He'll be an improvement over Bryce Fisher.

    32) Pittsburgh Steelers - LenDale White A guy who fits Pittsburgh offense. Run the ball with a big back. Hes big and will run people over. Hes a good player. With Bettis retiring and Staley struggling to stay on the field, White and Parker will create a thunder and lightning attack.
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    Nice effort, some of your picks had me thinking...

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