Reliant Stadium turf once ranked 4th best by players

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Cartwright, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Cartwright

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    Thought you might find this article interesting. Of course, 2004 is not present day...and just like a good restaurant, these guys might be slacking and resting on their laurels. IIRC, a Colt player missed some time a season or two ago...and a crappy field was to blame. It sounds like no doubt there are potential problems with this type of field and what happened to Wes was unfortunate. Funny the complaint comes from a guy who used to order field tarps removed before big important January games. Even orders the field to be watered in freezing temperatures. Odd.

    Reliant Stadium playing surface was ranked NFL's 4th best in past survey of players
  2. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

  3. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    #50 Jersey

    I can talk to myself too.

    NSPF: Hey NSPF what's goin on?

    NSPF: Oh, not much, can't wait to see what Julian Edelman can do.

    NSPF: You and me both man, that guy is gonna turn some heads on Sunday.

    NSPF: Can't wait to see all the people picking against the Pats have to eat their words.

    NSPF: How sweet it will be man, how sweet it will be.

    NSPF: What'd you think of the Colts resting their starters?

    NSPF: I think Tedy Brusci said it best: They were too scared to go for a perfect season.

    NSPF: Yeah, seriously what kind of IQ does it take to be a Colts fan anyway? I think Forrest Gump would be overqualified.

    NSPF: Bahahahaha, that's classic!

    NSPF: Anyway, I gotta bail, I gotta go cheer on a team that's won 3 Superbowls and not just 1 in the decade.

    NSPF: Me too, me too. See ya!

    NSPF: Cheers!
  4. Cartwright

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    At least I know you can see my posts. Bruschi?? Wouldn't expect him to say anything but. Too scared?? Doubt it. I don't know WTF Polian's problem was....but in the end...beating the Jets set up a snowy Buffalo dilemma. 16-0 is not worth DFree, Mathis, or Session risking further injury...same with Garcon, Charlie Johnson, and Joe Addai. Minus Jackson, Sanders, Gonzo, and apparently AV, we should be as healthy and fresh as we could hope to be going into the playoffs. There is nothing to argue there.
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