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    Hi Mike, I have been reading alot lately about Brady/Belicheck as one of the best coach player duos of all time, but we know everything has to come to an end. Montana/Walsh, Jackson/Jordan for instance. How long do you foresee Belicheck as the coach of the Patriots? Do you see him as coach of the Giants some time in the future? I think if he was going to leave soon he wouldn't have traded Branch for a first round pick. Your thoughts.

    I've had the chance to get to know Belichick a little better this year, and I think one of the things that can get overlooked in this discussion is what makes him tick as a football coach. I don't think he values a new challenge -- and building a winner elsewhere -- as much as he likes the idea of sustained excellence in one place, over a long period of time. I could be way off on this, but that's my read on the man. I think he's here for the long-term, understanding that he two key elements in place -- a Hall of Fame quarterback and an owner who gives him a lot of leeway. Things can change fast in this business, but right now, I don't see the end in sight.
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    You just gotta love Mike Reiss. It is so great to have the info that he provides. I hope that Boston Globe is a big enough gig to keep him here.

    cheers Mike and thanks.

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