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    Heres my favorite part

    Q. Mike, would you agree that the prospects for this Pats secondary in 2011 is real good after a whirlwind of a 2010 season, especially when considering we will have a healthy Leigh Bodden back? -- David C. (Phoenix)

    A. David, I would agree with that, although that assumes Bodden is not just back but has returned to his previous level of play. That's not always a given with players recovering from injuries. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano had a comment of note about the Patriots' secondary after the finale: "The thing I have been most impressed with when watching their tape has been their corners. I think that's where they have made great improvement, those two guys [Devin McCourty and Kyle Arrington] go out there and compete at a pretty high level. I've seen great growth out of them since the last time we played."

    Q. Mike, who do you think will start at right cornerback when the Patriots play in the AFC divisional round? Will Kyle Arrington keep his starting spot? Or has Darius Butler done enough to regain the role he had when he began the season? -- Christian (Murrieta, Calif.)

    A. Christian, I think it will be Arrington. He's earned it based on his overall body of work.

    New England fans embrace the Patriots' surprising success and ponder the postseason scenarios - ESPN Boston
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