Reiss:Will Pats really miss Moss vs. Jets?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. SVN

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  2. JSn

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    I'm glad you post links. I wish you'd post quotes too...

    It's worth remembering who QB'd that game (and the circumstances he QB'd them under). I LOVED watching Nnamdi get lit up in that game and it was a great day for MFC.

    Secondarily, they also toasted him with Moss at times. Might be they just found a weakness in his game.
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  3. Kid~Brady

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    This is what we have been saying about Cro. He'd be better up against Hernandez but then who would cover Branch?

    I like this match-up. :D
  4. karguy85

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    KYLE WILSON! Because he is so much better than McCourty :rolleyes:
  5. Kid~Brady

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    I know this is kinda off thread topic but whats the word with Fred Taylor? Anyone know?
  6. Rob0729

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    Well, Wilson hasn't given up a TD while McCourty has given up two to the Jets alone. At least that is what Jets fans have argued on their sites. of course they take in account that Wilson is only on the field for about 2-5 defensive snaps a game for most of the season while McCourty has played every down except for one, but who wants to get bogged down with minor details?
  7. The Dynasty

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    Wilson has also committed a ton of penalties from what I have seen. Some of them being "bad" penalties like personal fouls, rather than just a simple PI
  8. nyjet17

    nyjet17 On the Roster

    Not sure where this is coming from.

    Wilson hasn't had one personal foul in his career.
  9. The Dynasty

    The Dynasty In the Starting Line-Up

    Havent found his specific penalties so I cant confirm/deny, but he does have a ton of penalties this season which was one of the reasons why he moved down in the depth chart. A lot of those penalties were bad penalties (rookie mistakes), could be personal foul penalties too, but I'll take your word
  10. nyjet17

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    Yeah he had some bad Pass Interference penalties in the Ravens game, and a few more after that. No personal fouls though.

    He has looked better lately in a limited role, no penalties for a while.

    McCourty is obviously way ahead of him at this point, but in fairness to Wilson the Jets nickel gets targeted A LOT with Cro and Revis on the outside.

    (not trying to turn this into a McCourty or Wilson thread, just saying)
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  11. JoeSixPat

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    What's kindof funny here is that for years the Jets have been stocking up with tall DBs in an effort to allow them to take on Moss and the Patriots and with one move, trading Moss, Belichick completely changed the paradigm of the Patriots offense which requires personnell with a different skill set to defend them

    I'm not saying it was Belichick's master plan from the start, just that Belichick, at his best, has a way of making lemonade out of lemons as he did in 2001 (when he benched Terry Glenn for acting Mossy as well!)
  12. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Nah...the Pats won't miss Moss.

    But I know one guy who will be sitting in this living room in Tenn on Monday night watching the game who will be missing the Patriots.
  13. Triumph

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    Good, because you would loose your shirt.

    Mcourty is competing against Revis in his rookie season. Mcourty took the ball from arguably the best WR in the game - Calvin Johnson.5 INTs already with Sanchez coming to town.

    Odds for pic # 6 look good.
  14. Triumph

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    I believe it was.

    NE went from an passing offense of primarily Moss and Welker to Gronkowsi, Hernandez, Welker, Branch and Tate and Edleman really havent got into the act yet.
  15. robertweathers

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    I don't think it was BB's plan to throw a "change-up" to the division but it was born out of necessity. Look at the following events..

    -Welker got hurt
    -Moss' big-play ability was in decline
    -Brady getting hurt put the fear of god into the entire organization
    -The running game wasn't one that could get 3rd and 1s on demand

    So essentially the personnel that the offense relied on for a few years were no longer reliable.
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