Reiss Sees Similarities between Lavelle Hawkins and a Younger Deion Branch

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ian, May 23, 2013.

  1. Ian

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    More of a small note from today's chat - don't read too much into it:

    "I think he has ideal physical gifts. He caught my eye Tuesday and I made the comparison to an early-career Deion Branch in terms of shiftiness."

    Chat: Chat with Mike Reiss - SportsNation - ESPN Boston

    Gotta love OTA's - one open media practice session and it's all we have to latch onto until the next one :cool:
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  2. Avenger

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    wearing his old # too
  3. Uncle Rico

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    You never know what people will latch onto this time of year.

    Branch had a pretty distinctive skip step early in his career, where he would kind of pivot off one foot while skimming the ground with the back heel of the other. Reiss probably isn't talking about that specifically, but you never know what might trigger a comparison.

    On the Dobson thread, someone linked to YouTube highlights and I saw some some stylistic similarities to R Moss. Especially on some of the earlier plays I saw a familiar stride that almost looked casual (and which so often got Moss accused of "dogging it," even as he blew past defenders). On Dobson, I also saw that trait of waiting until the last second to commit his arms and hands. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT saying I see "the next Randy Moss," just that I spotted some stylistic similarity. Such are the things we latch onto in May.
  4. VrabelJr

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    Heh, when we signed Lavelle Hawkins I said he was our consolation prize to missing out on Markus Wheaton/Emmanuel Sanders. Both of those players also draw heavy comparisons to Deion Branch.
  5. TruthSeeker

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    Agree 100%. You could really see the similarities between Dobson and Moss. Dobson is so smart when using that "wait to the last second to commit his arms and hands" move, so Moss-like that way. And his running style is somewhat similar. Even though he's only 210 lbs, he does look thicker than Moss, due to being shorter.

    If Hawkins can be Branch-like, AND learn the playbook as fast as Branch, that would be terrific. I remember Branch terrorizing the Steelers in his 1ST NFL game. Branch was as much as a natural for that offense as Welker was. Love watching Branch in his prime, he was so shifty, had great hands, and was just darned explosive.
  6. EwanSellars

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    this WR camp battle is going to be very intense especially with jenkins standing out early and hawkins being compared to branch plus amendola and dobson and boyce edelmen might end up being the odd man out (Hopefully not)
  7. mgteich

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    It certainly seems unlikely that we will find a better punt returner than Edelman. That is enough of a reason to keep Edelman as our #5 WR, especially we only need three, other in case of injury.

  8. supafly

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    I tend to generally agree with you re: Edelman's chances of making the team, and I'd personally rate him as about a 70% of doing so, but IF there are other receivers who show actual....receiving ability, then the punt return aspect may fall back to Danny Amendola/Leon Washington (both who have shown serious ability to return punts), or even someone else.

    Just to put it in perspective, Julian Edelman has returned punt #'s the past 2 years that have totaled 28 and 17.

    In comparison, Leon Washington has returned punt #'s the past 2 years of 41 and 41. He's certainly capable of handling the role.

    He didn't have the long return that Edelman had last year of 68 yds, but he did have one of 52 yds.


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    Boyce,Amendola and Dobson are locks as Bill doesn't cut draft picks that are picked 4th round or earlier and Edelman is the key punt returner and has filled I on defense in emergencies so I don't see him leaving either.

    IMO,WR at camp will come down to however is more impressive,Hawkins or Jenkins.....we aren't keeping 6 WRs
  10. supafly

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    And to take it one step further, we can look at Danny Amendola as a PR too, since he has done both (KR/PR).

    I think Belichick would be more prone to use him as a PR just the same as we've done a million times with Welker, due to its less violent nature in comparison with KR.

    In Amendola's first 2 seasons these were his return #'s :

    Year 1--Punt returns (31) long of 56 yds 11.6 ave
    --Kick returns (66 led league) long of 58 yds 24.5 ave

    (also led league with 1618 total yds on KR alone)

    Year 2--Punt returns (40) long of 42 yds 11.3 ave
    --Kick returns (50) long of 84 yds 22.8 ave

    I don't think we'd see Amendola on KR too often unless L.Washington went down + Belichick felt that it was worth the risk, but PR are surely not out of the realm of possibility in any form.

    I agree with you that Edelman will likely get the nod, but I also think that will definitely depend on the competition for the WR spots also, which is something that Edelman has not truly excelled at.
  11. Christian

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    I really would not be ok with Amendola returning punts. I cringed every time Welker would do so. I really never saw that as a smart move by the coaching staff. Returning punts with your star WR is as dangerous as they come. I have a feeling DA is going to be EXTREMELY important to this offense. Got to keep him healthy. For a guy that has already had injuries, keep him away from returning punts.
  12. supafly

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    I agree that there are 3 certain locks at the moment: Amendola, Dobson, and Bryce.

    That leaves either 2 spots open for the remaining WRs, or 3 spots open for WRs if the competition is good enough and Belichick likes what he sees.

    Out of those potential 2-3 spots, the following players are heading the competition (in order of personal opinion): Edelman, Jenkins, Jones, Hawkins, Moe, Harrison.

    Slater will either be considered the 6th WR or even the 7th WR (less likely) depending upon how Belichick decides the 53 man roster. I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility of a 7th WR (including Slater, so really 6) if Belichick feels the competition and talent are there, simply due to the fact that the position had a complete overhaul this season and moves may be made for the development of the future too.

    As always, there will almost certainly be at least 1 of these WRs on the practice squad, if they can make it there.
  13. supafly

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    Generally I would definitely agree with you BUT....

    We've seen Belichick use plenty of "important" players on ST returns before, most recently Welker as a PR (you can't tell me that Welker wasn't as important to the offense as Amendola is), and McCourty as a KR (obviously the most important secondary player last season).

    If he's used Welker and McCourty before, he obviously doesn't make most of his decisions based on the same amount of fear that we fans do.

    That said, one of his first moves was to go out and bring in L.Washington, so I'd have to imagine that Washington will be the primary KR, and can even return punts if necessary.
  14. BradyFTW!

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    Returning punts is definitely a point in Edelman's favor, but it doesn't make him a lock by any means. The fact that the Pats waited as long as they did to sign him shows that they weren't too afraid of losing him. He is a good punt returner, but those aren't exactly the hardest guys to find. If he loses the WR battle by a significant margin, then his punt returning abilities might not be enough to save him. Definitely something to watch.
  15. NEPettyOfficer72

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    We are so lucky to have so many options and weapons with so many different attributes, potential levels, and talents. I've never seen this in NE thus far. Not only that, but Brian Daboll they guy who coached Deion Branch, David Givens, David Patten and Troy Brown is back. He knows how to get the best out of all of the receivers, should be a great year.
  16. Rob0729

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    Edelman will almost certainly make the team unless injuries force him out. His salary is nothing and he is a good punt returner.
  17. Bruins29

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    I dont think they have ever gone over 10 players for the TE and WR position combined. I think the fact that we are a TE based team and that the TEs have become so athletic and fast and preferred for ST duty, you see more of them.

    So given we are absolutely keeping 4 TEs and perhaps a 5th rookie since injuries happen and our top 3 have been injured. So even if its 4 that means 6 WR max. I think they had 4 on least years team. Thin group. And I think AH is almost a WR now anyway. Regardless he isnt coming off the field.


    All should be locks. Pro bowl ST and an elite punt returner who is a Swiss army knife. Assuming everyone is healthy and there are no huge surprises.

    Boyce and Dobson should be there too. However it wouldnt shock me if Boyce got red shirted this year. But I assume he will be a factor..

    So assuming the rooks make it with the other 3 that is 5 WR. If they only have 4 TEs then there will be a 6th WR. It will be Jones or Jenkins or whomever comes out the winner.

    They will keep a few guys on the shadow roster perhaps even more than Branch and Stallworth assuming they are even emergency options still.

    The only crazy option they have is to move on from Slater. He has a pretty good cap hit and is really just a special team player. I dont see it happening but you never know.
  18. supafly

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    Slater is a pure lock. He's a pro bowl special teamer, and Belichick considers him one of the leaders for the entire team. It was Slater who Belichick chose to speak after the tragic Boston area bombings last month. To me, that says a lot. His cap hit is something they are comfortable with in my opinion.

    It seems as though every year people here try to downplay Slater's ability and importance (not that you are attempting to do that) because he's a ST only player, but he's just as much of a lock as any of the top 3 of Amendola, Dobson, and Bryce.

    I think the odds are that we keep 6 WR's, which if you include Slater makes 2 openings for any combo of Edelman, Jenkins, Jones, Hawkins, Moe, or Harrison; but as the position itself has been completely overhauled there is also a chance that Belichick decides to keep 7 (including Slater) this season.

    I don't see any way that we keep more than 4 TE's, as one of the new guys will almost surely make the practice squad in case of emergency. The real debate will be whether there are 10 or 11 spots for TE/WR this year, and that debate will be taken care of through heavy competition this summer.
  19. strngplyr

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    Mike Reiss also predicted Greg Salas would catch something like 70 balls in 2012 for the Patriots.

    His articles are great, his analysis is ametuer.
  20. Patsgofor4

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    Much like your spelling skills....

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