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    Key excerpt"

    ''It's at a point now where you're playing with a chip on your shoulder from not being drafted," said Roach, who totaled 269 tackles in 49 college games.

    Agent Mark Slough said the Patriots edged out the Dolphins, among other squads, to sign Roach in what turned out to be a ''competitive bidding." Dolphins coach Nick Saban, who unsuccessfully recruited Roach while coaching at Louisiana State, made multiple calls, according to Slough.

    Roach likely slipped out of the draft because of a slow time in the 40-yard dash (4.8-4.9 range) and injury concerns (elbow, knee). By the sixth round, he said, he was hoping no team selected him because ''I wanted to be in New England; they showed the most interest in me from the start."

    Well, I;m looking for him to be a young Ted Johnson. His 40 time is less important than his ability to shed blocks and tackle runners on first down and running downs. He doesn't have to be fast, doesn't have to cover, doesn't have to range form sideline to sideline. Just be a younger Ted Johnson.
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    Keep an eye on Roach! Sporting News had him projected as a 4th Rounder, and he seems like a Patriots type of player. I love the detail of how by Round 6 he was hoping nobody picked him so he could play for the Patriots!

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