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  1. Pats726

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    Nothing earth shattering at all...5 topics in about 7 minutes.. (if that)
    1---Ty Law..Thinks it would put the D over the top as well as good use of money, given the many losses in offseason. Thinks Pats are in the running, with KC, Tenn, TB..and may happen.
    2----Rodney Harrison...Wouldn't count on him being back to start the year..maybe closer to PUP as Bruschi was last year.
    3---Backup QB..Definitely thinks a vet will be brought that defenses and other things can be bounced off him.. Best match would be Fiedler (esp since he knows the division)..Also mentioned as a good match Tommy Maddox. As a NOT GOOD mtach,,Collins and others who hope to be a number one.
    4---Rookies..Thinks the top 3 picks will be impressive...Maroney finding the holes and Jacksona nd Thomas catching everything near. Gostkowski?? He'll make the 53..hard to tell much inside, but a strong leg.
    5---As a dark cloud...Watch what is happneing with Branch and that situation.
    Reiss is a solid reporter..the BEST football writer as voted by BSMW..CLEARLY out front of Felger and Curran. I really like Mike and all the information he assembles. He's always on things!! GO MIKE!!
  2. BelichickFan

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    Was this a positive or negative ? Was he referring to a new contract or a holdout ?
  3. Pats726

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    It was just mentioned...the host asked him about "dark clouds" and..he just basically said it was something to don't think he's saying anything other than it MIGHT be good to watch and see....
  4. fgssand

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    Look for Branch to fire his agent very soon and also do not be surprised if indeed he does hold out. He is obviously underwhelmed by progress as of now.

    I know this to be true......
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  5. pats1

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    ...and that's because...?
  6. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Why would he hold out if he fired his agent??? I would think possibly a new agent might break the logjam..??
    I don't think it will be good if he holds out..BAD move...
    Wasn't this mentioned in SI a few weeks ago and the so called "non-progress" mentioned?? (I know at the time, it seemed to me that the talks stalled...but others didn't see it as that.)
  7. TomBradyWoot

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    If a deal with Branch isn't done by next off-season do you think the Pats will franchise him?
  8. fgssand

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    I have reliable information (from the same place that my information that enambled me to confirm the Brady hernia came from, which I knew about a month before it became public knowledge).

    All I am saying is what might be happening, based on what has been talked about by the player. He very well may be in the process of firing his current agent. He very well may hold out. He is obviously not happy as things drag on.

    Naturally, one negotiating session and a breakthrough changes things.

    It just is not a good situation right now. While Branch is in the area, he is not working out with the team in Foxboro as he has in years past - what else can he do to show his displeasure?
  9. T-ShirtDynasty

    T-ShirtDynasty Moderator

    Did you make that info available here prior to it becoming "public knowlege"? Not doubting our challenging you, but I can't belive I missed that. I'm pretty obsessive about this forum. :D
  10. Flying Fungi

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    yup--you missed that one :eek:
  11. Miguel

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    Thanks for the info.
  12. fgssand

    fgssand Supporter Supporter

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    I absolutely did NOT make the Brady information available. The season was underway and no way would I have felt it right to "break" such a story. I would not be able to prove anything, nor would I want to risk a problem for anyone that knows such information. Once the story did become public knowlegde, if you search, you will find that I was able to confirm the rumors and did post information that I had come by and knew about weeks before it was publicly available. I admit, at the time, I doubted the information and then, watching Brady play, it became evident, something was off - amazingly enough, he had had a terrific game that day, yet, if you knew what to look for, you could tell.

    I have also known of the Branch info for about three weeks now, again, I do not feel that it is right to pass along this kind of information before it becomes available. I will however confirm and correct anything that is written that I may know about.

    I too care very much for this forum, if you feel, because I cannot and will not divulge my source that I keep things to myself, that is cool.
  13. Digger44

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    Pats726, are you Mike Reiss? I don't see Collins being a possible backup. Too much money and he wants to start.
  14. BelichickFan

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    Please let us know anything you can. The "you can't say anything unless we know exactly where is came from" crowd wil ruin it for all of us otherwise.

    Branch could be a problem, I love the guy but I have no interest in paying him the $6M or so that seems to be the going rate.
  15. Pats67

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    As a fan, I'd argue that if someone, somehow, truly knows information concerning the team they keep it to themselves and let the team manage its own flow of information on its own terms. My interest in knowing 'the scoop' on any given issue is far superceded by my interest in the team being able to carry out its business as it wishes with no interference. My interest is in the team having the most direct path to success in all its ventures.

    A media person's interest is in serving their employer and (often moreso) themselves, which I understand. They cannot have the same agenda the fans do. However, its beyond me why any fan would participate in any effort to leak information, sensitive or otherwise, that may in any way disrupt the way the team prefers to manage its daily business. I want them to be successful in everything they do, and no noteriety I may gain from appearing to be 'plugged in' could be more important to me than that.

    That's my vote. We'll know when we know. No team purpose gets served by vague and unconfirmable chatter on a message board.
  16. PatsFanInVa

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    Ditto that. Those who talk don't know, and those who know don't talk, the saying goes. I am okay with being among the former. That's why I am posting to "" rather than "New England Patriots Internal Intranet."

    By the same principal, of course, it's a tad iffy to introduce that minor area of risk by saying "I knew this a month ago," even after the fact. I mean, what's the point? Anybody can say after the fact "I knew this a month ago." And we've just stipulated you can't throw out anything new real-time... Which leaves us with statements supported by "trust me, I've got a source. Take my word for all of this. Remember that hernia nobody knew about? I did even though I didn't say so." The thing is we can't source any of this, which is absolutely fine, because if we could it would be to the team's detriment.

    None of this is supposed to be casting aspersions on the original "insider," who could be exactly that. I've just been around D.C. way too long, where "I'm a Spy" is the first chapter of "The Player's Handbook," and "I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you" is a typical conversation gambit when somebody asks, "so who do you work for?"

    At least open source discussions can be traced back to sources, and the media are paid to report real time, even if their source can get in trouble.

  17. MoLewisrocks

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    There were media reports just before the draft when all the Walker is coming/not coming/coming hysteria peaked that Branch was "furious" and if his deal didn't get done he would consider a holdout. Bringing in Caldwell as a possible replacement for Givens probably didn't cause Deion as much concern as seeing what they wouldn't pay Givens. Drafting Jackson however (arguably the best WR in the draft who slipped out of the first round but whom they moved up to draft at the price of a second and third) likely has caused further concern for Branch in the absence of a long term deal of his own. He very likely perceives both Walker and Jackson as continuing efforts to acquire a #1 (remembering BB had a deal in place last year for 31 year old Derrick Mason reportedly at 4/$20M+).

    We don't know what he is looking for or what if anything they have offered. But consider the way players and agents gauge the market (what guys like Givins, Walker, even Wayne have gotten in the last several weeks under a cap that has increased by 20%) and usually view the player (if I'm performing as a #1 I should be paid as one) vs. the way this organization generally operates (your market is what you are worth to this franchise) signings are seldom easy unless the two viewpoints converge. This has been a spread the ball offense where there is often less of a gap between productive WR's. Part of that is by design, but part of it is also a reflection of the receivers ability to get open or make catches in traffic. Branch has gotten open more often but his ability to do so consistently has been impacted when the #2 WR wasn't Givens. And last year he dropped some balls he'd previously hung on to.

    I have long felt that BB doesn't see Branch as a #1, or at least not an elite one. More like an elite #2. The best BB was willing to offer our former #2 was reportedly around $3.5M per year including incentives. He got close to $5M per from another team. Miguel correctly predicted that the Patriots would not make any attempt to sign Givens before FA because any offer they made him would impact their potential to re-sign Branch. They made a late effort to retain Givens but only by matching the lower of two offers he ultimately received. It would lead me to believe their ceiling on Branch (the more elite #2 of the pair) is something less than $5M.

    When Deion was interviewed a few weeks ago he seemed to be aware of his limitations against tough coverage. He also said he wasn't thinking too much about his deal since he was under contract. But he did say at some point he could see it becoming a distraction. And he also said he might have to test the market. I hope for everyone's sake Deion doesn't decide to try a hold out. Unfortunately Seymour planted that seed last season and players saw it work. What Deion needs to understand is he is not Richard Seymour. And there are two guys who will be in camp who believe on this team with this QB they can be a #1 WR too.
  18. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    We're not here to serve a purpose for the team. We're here to talk amongst ourselves about the team. :rolleyes:

    When personal information that has no bearing on the game is being leaked as it was last year in the case of BB, I have a problem. It's none of our business and the individual who leaked it simply did so to garner attention for being in the know. Turns out it was old news anway and had remained private even though many in the media were aware of the situation - until one individual here on a message board created a scenario which the national media felt justified their picking it up.

    Deion's agent reported last week that there has been no progress in his negotiations. The media has reported his recent discontent. Often times even they are fed information on background with the understanding they don't use it directly. Either because the player or team wants their position understood by the public or because when the story begins to emerge they perfer to have laid the groundwork for their side. And sometimes they even leak their concern via the media as a means of commumicating it to each other when they are unable to do so face to face.

    But rest assured nothing we discuss here at will have any bearing on what Deion and the team ultimately end up doing to, for or with each other. And the media isn't going to pick up on his workout situation because the more astute and better connected among them already know whether or not he's showing up at Gillette for the off season program.
  19. JR4

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    This is distrubing. What you seem to be saying is Branch wants to get a
    contract but BB/SP aren't offering anything yet. You seem to mean that Branch not only wants a
    contract but wants it NOW and is ticked because BB/SP are not saying anything.

    This would fit with Branch's comment before the Seymour contract. He made
    reference that his contract would come after the Seymour contract if there
    was enough left(jokingly). But joking aside ... he really expected something
    and now Seymour's contract has been done for over a month he may be
    getting ticked.

    But what's BB/SP thinking? Do they not want to offer a big contract to Branch?

    Do they think maybe if they wait a year Jackson will be the money man and
    if Branch becomes the #2 then he shouldn't get #1 money?
    We think how could they not value Branch as a #1? But if they consider his
    injury history ... maybe they just don't think he is worth BIG #1 WR money.

    If Jackson and Cadwell work out real well ... maybe they just let Branch
    go to the highest bidder next year.
    But what about Branch this year? He's no dummy ... he'll know what's
    going down. So Maybe a hold out ... like Seymour ... is exactly his only
    option to try and get something done before BB/SP findout they can go
    another route ... get value and ... still have a great receiving core.

    This is a business after all. :(
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  20. fgssand

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    My position has been to follow common sense with the information that I receive.

    1) I would never create a potential problem for the person that is "in the know"

    2) I would never report anything that could in any way damage the Patriots chances in a game or quest to get a player.

    3) I would never divulge anything of a hurtful or invasive nature - personal and private information should always stay that way.

    I have been simply confirming or adding a little bit more to stories once they become public knowledge as I feel that would not compromise my source or the team in any way.

    I do feel however, there is nothing wrong with confirming or adding such information to certain stories once they are reported.

    Any reader is free to totally disregard what I have to offer - your choice guys. Look at it this way though and make up your own minds, what do I possibly have to gain by discussing what I come to find out? My intention is really only to offer a little bit of Patriot content to this board which I find to be the best Patriot board going.

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