Reiss: No second-guessing for Belichick

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. SVN

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    Re: Reiss:No second-guessing for Belichick

    Right after 3rd down I screamed go for it. I'm not one of many who in hindsight say "Bad move" because it really wasnt. I feel like it was the right move because of the Colts last two drives they had which they drove down the field and scored quickly. Right call, bad play and WR selection. Faulk ran just enough to be on the line of the marker which still pisses me off. All they had to do was gain 2 yards on a Colts defense that isnt very good. And with our offense, no excuses. A better play and execution should have been made.
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  3. DaedalusX

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    Re: Reiss:No second-guessing for Belichick

    Two thoughts come to mind as of late:

    (a) The Colts defense was extremely surprised the Pats were going to go for it; a deep shot over the middle to Moss might have caught them off guard even more and been a better attempt.

    (b) Why not take an intentional safety and have the Colts punt the ball back (they'd try an onside kick, but no guarantees they'd get that). Just a random, weird thought.
  4. DaBronxPats14

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    Re: Reiss:No second-guessing for Belichick

    I agree with a better play selection. Looks like Brady was keyed in on Faulk from git go but was Welker open. If BB punted I was cool with that. I think what should have been called if Pats didn't make it on 3rd down everyone get up to line quick snap. That might have had Colts still scrambling to set themselves & pick up easy 5 yrds. Just an after'thought.
  5. PrairiePat

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    Re: Reiss:No second-guessing for Belichick

    Brady barely got the short pass off, he would have been sacked almost certainly on a more downfield route.

    Very weird :) If the Pats took a safety, the Pats would be kicking off, not the Colts...
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  6. BradyisGod

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    Re: Reiss:No second-guessing for Belichick

    Huh? The Patriots would have to punt.
  7. TommyBrady12

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    Re: Reiss:No second-guessing for Belichick

    Mayock analyzed this play pretty well. While it is easy for us to say Brady should have gone to Welker, the replay will clearly show that the pats offense line shifted to the right and left Freeney open to come across the edge on the left side. That pressure was enough probably to get brady to make a quick throw to his right. Brady might not have had to time to get his feet set and throw across the middle with Freeney coming. perhaps another TE would have helped to block Freeney.
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  8. IcyPatriot

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    Not pleasant to say but the Colts defense made a great call on that play and the defense of the pass was very good. That's the way I see it ... and it's easy to move on once you see it that way. Perhaps 9 times out of 10 the colts call a defference defense - perhaps not - but on that play they called an excellent counter to the play we called - and they executed - that's it -

    I moved on by the time I hit the sack that night. Neither the Jets, Dolphins or Bills are catching us and we will be in the playoffs. The hunted has more reason to fear the hunter. Our players and our coaches will form a tighter us against the league bond due to it all. Barring major injuries we are getting better and better each practice, each play and each game.

    Bill will make questionable future decisions ... but he will be correct way more than he will pay for his decisions.
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  9. Deus Irae

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    I'm sure Bill realizes that the decision to go for it was one of the worst on-field decisions he's made as Patriots head coach, and I'm sure he'll take the time to ponder how he allowed himself to overrule all sense and make that call. There's really no need to 'second guess' it, at this point. He'll try to learn from his mistake and move forward as best he can. From all reports, that's just the sort of coach Bill is.

    Hopefully the next time he preaches to the team about "situational football", hell remember that call, and work on better situational coaching.
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  10. The Dynasty

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    As much as the fans disagree with the call, I think if you asked BB if he would do it again he would in a second. He is never going to regret any decision he makes on or off the field. The good news is this only happened in week 10 and not the playoffs.
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    Brady indicated to someone that Faulk was not a read, that was the play, period. Everyone else was a decoy to draw coverage. The Colts had stacked the box and were coming. And while I don't listen to Zolak's opinions he said according to Troy Brown the problem was route depth and spacing. And that he knows for a fact that the Patriots do not have any route depths designed to go 3 yards. 5 is the minimum. Faulk was set up as a receiver rather than coming out of the backfield and he got chipped on his way out and had to cut his route short (probably why he had to go up for the ball, too). The throw was intended for Faulk at the 33. Had he caught it there the bobble is inconsequential.

    After listening to days of disrespecting the defense whining, isn't it really disrespecting your offense (let alone this one) when you decide they can't get 2 yards when you really need it. BB challenged them before the Atlanta game telling them that at some point this season they were going to need to convert on 4th down to win a game. That week they proved to him they could. Failure to execute in week 10 resulted in them not making it when their only chance to contend with the Colts for HFA hung in the balance. He'd told them that before this game, too.
  12. Satchboogie3

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    Your F*cking kidding, right? He made the RIGHT decision, period. Heck, even ESPN admitted today that according to NFL Sabermetrics, simulations, and game/situational/team analysis going for it WAS the RIGHT call.
  13. BelichickFan

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    I don't think so. Given the choice of :

    a) the defense protecting about 70 yards
    b) the defense protecting about 30 yards and the offense not converting a 4th and 2

    I would take b. IMO the chance of getting the 4th and 2 was better than the chance of stopping the Colts from getting to the Patriots' 30, at which point the options were equal unless you think the Colts would take a bunch of plays to get there which I doubt.
  14. IcyPatriot

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    Very [​IMG] Post ... well done.
  15. The Dynasty

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    Mo Lewis knows his stuff, I respect everything he posts on here.
  16. Zeus

    Zeus Supporter Supporter

    A lawyer would say you are assuming facts not in evidence. In fact, I'm sure you would agree that there is no way for you to be sure of what BB is thinking.
  17. Dino 6 Rings

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    For the record, I put this on our Steelers Board, I'm sure I'll draw heat for it from those fellow fans of mine that can't stand the Patriots at all...but here is my honest opinion on the call....

    My 2 Cents

    It wasn't that bad of a call. His team already has a lead in their division. The remainder of the schedule isn't the Colts 7 more times, its winnable. It was NOT a playoff game so that argument is null and void. And, they actually did convert, it was a questionable spot. The Failure on that last drive came when Brady called a time out prior to the First Down play. That was the fail. It cost them one of their 2 remaining timeouts. Calling a time out before the 4th down call was a good coaching move. Blowing that 1st one early was a failure.

    The play worked as designed, the guy bobbled the ball. Had he gotten it, game over, Victory formation.

    In the Playoffs, he punts. So he picked up his sack, put it on the table and went for it. I actual give him koodos for having the fcking guts to make that call, a call that most of us at one point or another in our lives watching the Steelers have said "fck it, go for it" especially with Cowher at the helm and Bettis in the backfield.

    Convert, you win. Don't Convert your defense still has the opportunity to make a play and win the game.
  18. emoney_33

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    It actually is really simple, if you had to bet your life savings on one of the following, which one would it be?

    A) Brady & the offense gain 2 yards in 1 play in the 4th quarter
    B) The defense stops Peyton Manning from driving from the IND 30 to the NE 30 in the 4th quarter

    It was the right call, whether it were in the playoffs or not.
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  19. BelichickFan

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    Agreed. Especially as the 30 to 30 was with a 6 point lead so they'd have to be a little soft to prevent the quick TD strike. That's balanced somewhat by there being less time on the clock when they get to the 30 under the punt scenario but I'm putting my money on the 4th and 2.
  20. letekro

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    I'm also sure that you realize this is one of your worst posts ever. I hope that you will learn from your mistakes and move forward, putting this behind you.
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