Reiss Mailbag:NFL offseason poses many interesting questions

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Feb 22, 2007.

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    I wouldn't describe the Patriots' strategy as "take our offer or find a better one." I feel as though the Patriots assign a value to a player, and there are times when the player feels as if he is worth more, so he tests the market. In other cases, such as Dan Koppen, Jarvis Green, Mike Vrabel etc., the players have accepted the Patriots' offer and not tested the market. So I don't think it's clear cut, one way or the other, but the cases of players like Koppen, Green and Vrabel indicate that the Patriots are offering fair market deals. As Colts president Bill Polian pointed out at the Super Bowl, teams that draft well are going to lose players in this salary cap system, because you can't pay everyone. The Patriots and Colts fall into that category. From a Patriots perspective, as part of their goal of having the most complete team, they can not have the highest paid players at each position because that would leave other parts of the roster vulnerable. That's a factor in how the team sets a value on a player as well.

    This is a pretty good mailbag I think with some good questions and answers.
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    Honestly, I wish that Reiss would go more in depth on some of the answers. Like reminding people that Branch basically got the same deal (money wise) that the Pats were offering, just that he didn't have to play out the last year of his Contract.

    Or on Arrington. The guy is injury prone and has 2 bad knees.

    I was against Arrington last year for the same reasons. Here we are 1 year later and people still seem to think that Arrington would make a good Patriot.
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    Yeh, but do we have a shot at Randy Moss? Huh? Do We? Please? Pretty Please with whipped cream and leather on top? (I miss the Eason smilie at Planet in situations like this. :D )

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